The site on Ash Tree Lane. Picture: Google Streetview
The site on Ash Tree Lane. Picture: Google Streetview

Plans have been unveiled to build three new homes on land in Lichfield.

Developers want to construct the three bedroom properties on Ash Tree Lane in Streethay.

The land had previously been given planning permission for two houses on the site but a planning statement said a review had led to a change of position.

“Following the previous permission on the site, it was purchased by the current applicant.

“A review of the context, opportunities and constraints of the site lead to the decision to proceed with an application for three smaller homes as opposed to the two larger ones, making a more efficient use of the site while still complementing the character of the area.”

Planning statement

Full details of the proposals can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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  1. I’d urge the Council to say no, it’s clearly just to cram as much on this small piece of land as possible. So tired of these money-grabbing developers!

  2. More houses on the approach roads to the A38 junction at Streethay. Is that really a good idea, given the amount of houses, flats etc they are building there at the moment.

  3. When I applied to build a starter home in my vast garden many years ago I was refused because they wouldn’t have enough amenity space in their opinion ! With all these houses being built round Lichfield now in small parcels of land with hardly any gardens has this policy changed for those in the know ? Developers know the system it seems ?

  4. Comment back to John Allen – indeed the Developers definitely do have far too much sway over the Council. Several cases in point: 1. A few years ago, Developers put forward a plan to build on farm land in Burntwood, which just happened to meet the number of houses the Government had said they needed to provide! (Local pressure got it cancelled – for now, with certain local residents doing the Council’s job for them and identifying a number of brownfield sites.) 2. I have made 2 telephone calls to Lichfield Planners re the western by-pass, first asking why we were getting a “road to nowhere,” as the initial proposal was not to take the road below the railway line until the housing development was completed. I was told “you do not get new roads without houses!” 3. Second call was asking why no consideration was being given to the alternative suggestion by the Councillor who resigned, suggesting the route should go further west, and bring the junction closer to the A38 junction – i.e. far more sensible than the current debacle near the Shell garage. The response – “Because Persimmon do not own any of that land!” Message to all you people buying the Persimmon houses – just remember the Persimmon Director who got a £75million BONUS a couple of years back. Good onya for keeping him in the manner to which he is becoming accustomed!

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