Police officer

Police say a protest against Covid-19 vaccines in Burntwood was “conducted in a peaceful manner”.

Officers were called to the gathering on Bridge Cross Road just before 6pm yesterday (22nd September).

A Staffordshire Police spokesperson said:

“Officers responded to reports of a protest, believed to be against Covid-19 vaccinations.

“It was conducted in a peaceful manner.”

Staffordshire Police spokesperson

11 replies on “Police say Burntwood anti-vaccine protest was “peaceful””

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  1. It was not a protest as such, it was about 14 people with signs which asked people to reconsider vaccinating children (12-15) as the vaccines are causing harm and death (see Yellow card data from gov.uk). The JCVI has said that the risks are higher than the benefits and will not recommend them however the government are not listening to the scientists. Vaccinated people and unvaccinated people have exactly the SAME viral load this has been proven you can still catch CV19 and pass it on when you are fully vaccinated. So what is the point in risking myocardidis which kills 50% of victims within 5 years or other awful side effects and possibly death if the vaccine really has no benefit to children ?

  2. Well done to all involved in getting this message across it’s not safe to be injecting our children! We all should be standing up and fighting this… power to the people

  3. These protesters need their heads looking at we need EVERYONE vaccinated including babies and children we need to totally iradikate this virus as its killed a massive % of the population. It is TOTALLY safe, the doctors ses so, the government ses so. There are so many more pple dieing this year now we have a vaccin than last year so obvioulsy we all need to get it.

  4. Well done to those who are trying to warn parents of the possible danger of this jab thats still in trial phase until 2023. Children are not here to protect adults! It is the adults job to protect children. They are not guinea pigs. Once again well done to those brave souls, I applaud you.

  5. I hope these idiots stay away from our children’s school gates. Children have a greater risk of myocarditis from catching COVID-19 than they do from getting vaccinated. I’ve had COVID-19 in March-April 2020 and so has my son who is now 13. It’s a very nasty illness and you can be damn sure we’ll be doing whatever we can to reduce our chances of catching it again and cut our chances of serious illness if we do get reinfected.

    @Samantha Goody – unless you can provide a link to a reputable scientific source for your claim that 50% of people with myocarditis die within 5 years, I will presume that you are lying. My understanding is that most cases are mild and can be resolved quickly with treatment. The British Heart Foundation states: “Most people with myocarditis recover without any complications but in rare cases when inflammation is severe, there can be damage to the heart.” This is on their website.

    The JCVI actually said that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks for the 12-15 age group, but they felt that the benefit was too marginal to recommend it on individual health grounds, which is the only remit the JCVI has. The MHRA has approved the vaccine for use in this age group some time ago and our Chief Medical Officers for the UK nations have given it the go-ahead: they are allowed to look at the bigger picture of curbing community spread and stopping disruption to education alongside individual health. There IS such a thing as society.

    The vaccinations are not in a trial phase, this is simply untrue. Vaccinations have been proven to significantly reduce transmission of the virus – it’s a shame they don’t stop it completely, but this isn’t news and we are still vastly better off with vaccines than without: they have saved many lives and will continue to do so.
    Vaccinated people’s viral load reduces quicker than unvaccinated people’s, meaning that they are much less likely to become seriously ill and less likely to infect other people.

  6. The NHS guidance says: “Prior to vaccination, appropriate consent must be obtained in all cases. For 12-15 year olds, this would be parental consent or the child’s own consent where they have been assessed as competent to consent to vaccination (this is known as Gillick competent).”

    So why the protest?
    Make your own personal choice not to let your children have it and allow others to make their own informed choice on whether they allow their children to have it.

    Why do these anti-masker, anti-vaxers and Covid conspiracy peddlars who talk so much about pritecting civil liberties and personal choice feel the need to force their own misguided beliefs down our throats if we dare to believe something different?

    Carry on thinking what you do and leave the rest of us to do the same.

  7. ..and while we’re at it, just to add to Lichvegas’ excellent response, I wish people would stop using the Yellow Card data as any sort of conclusive evidence”. It’s simply a way of gathering information for further analysis.
    I could get a headache sometime after taking the vaccine and report that on the yellow card system. That does not mean I got a headache because of the vaccine. Inevitably, if peoples fears are stoked by paranoid antivaxxers as they have been doing, they are likely to send in a greater number of ‘reports into the yellow card reporting system, which the tin hat brigade can then use to claim to show there is a problem. I’m afraid it’s just yet another example of conspiracy theorists being more interested in spreading panic than people’s wellbeing, and a total lack of interest in bothering to understand what they’re talking about.

  8. @Scott – you’re right, but the one of the additional issues here is that some of the antivaxxer parents really don’t like the idea that their children might be deemed competent to choose for themselves to take the vaccination.

  9. Lichfield Live’s headline for this article clearly states what this was an anti-vaccine protest. Trying to dress it up as anything else is a ludicrous statement. Also the misuse of statistics and pseudo-science is the usual hallmark of anti-vaxers. My 13 year old can’t wait to get the vaccine and have additional protection from COVID and try and get back to some form of normality at school. Our kids have suffered too much during the pandemic from not being in school. seeing their friends and having to self-isolate and now these anti-vaxers want to take away the best chance they have to get back their lives.

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