The chair of the Speakers’ Corner Trust will speak about the impact of Covid-19 on local democracy during a talk in Lichfield.

Speakers’ Corner

Louise Third MBE will be at Speakers’ Corner on Dam Street at 11am on Saturday (25th September).

A spokesperson said:

“Covid has impacted everyone in the country and Louise’s talk will highlight how the changes have had an effect on local democracy, including local councils.

“The talk is free to attend and will last for an hour, to include questions from the audience at the end.”

Speakers’ Corner spokesperson

The talk will be followed at 2pm by a celebration of the life of Lichfield’s former town crier Ken Knowles.

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  1. I can’t find much info about Lousie Third but describing it as being about impact on democracy makes it sound like it will be someone saying how terrible it is that the government took away our freedom by telling us to stay home and not spread Covid. I hope it’s not that.

  2. Well this should be interesting, considering that our so called democracy is a sham, and has been long before the pandemic.

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