The Christmas train operating previously at Burntwood lights switch on event
A previous Christmas event held at Sankey’s Corner

Councillors are being reassured that money is available to pay for Christmas events in Burntwood after it emerged they had run over budget.

Burntwood Town Council’s community and parternships committee will discuss the issue at a meeting on 28th September.

A report revealed that the three Christmas events pencilled in were likely to blow the £4,000 budget by more than £2,700.

However, the cancellation of some events means the money is likely to be moved from other budgets.

“The majority of the planning for the Christmas events has been completed.

“Work is still ongoing in respect of Sankeys’ Corner. There is a budget overspend, partly caused by new items of expenditure, such as lights and the market. There is sufficient underspend in other community events budgets to meet this overspend.

“The overspend could be offset from the budget for either The Wakes Festival or Play in the Parks.

“None of these events went ahead this year so both budgets are mainly unspent.”

Burntwood Town Council report

The report also revealed that a market is being planned to accompany the Christmas lights switch on at Sankey’s Corner due to take place on 25th November.

“The event at Sankey’s Corner is the one where the town council provides the most support. It is directly responsible for arranging that the road is closed, hiring the events management company and entertainers.

“Councillors have requested that the Christmas Tree at Sankeys’ Corner is provided with new lights. The possibility of incorporating a market in the event is also being considered.”

Burntwood Town Council report

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