The field in Streethay where houses could be built. Picture: Google Streetview
The field in Streethay where houses could be built. Picture: Google Streetview

Plans have been submitted to build 36 homes at a site in Lichfield.

Cameron Homes has applied for permission for the new one, two, three and four bedroom properties on the land off Burton Road.

The scheme would see 22 of the properties sold on the open market with the other 14 earmarked as affordable homes.

A planning statement said the site had not been used for a prolonged period of time.

“The application site is located to the south of Burton Road and is currently an open arable field that has been vacant for a number of years.

“The land, previously owned by South Staffs Water, is situated close to their retained pumping station which is to the south of the site.”

Planning statement

If planning permission were granted, the development would be the latest to be built off Burton Road in recent years following the Roman Heights estate on the other side of the carriageway.

But the planning statement said the new homes would not create capacity issues on the main road.

“Burton Road is assessed within the report as being more than capable of accommodating this amount of additional traffic without causing harm to highway safety or leading to congestion.”

Planning statement

Full details of the proposal can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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  1. For gods sake,do we really need any more new homes built here?,frailty and lichfield will be one soon,and birmingham Road will be completely houses soon- are we having anymore hospitals,doctors etc etc to cope with the population explosion? Bulld them somewhere else.

  2. Looks like another traffic survey that was done in the early hours of the morning if they reckon there are no capacity issues on the Burton Road. Takes 20 minutes plus to get from the A38 to Trent Valley most mornings.

  3. Absolutely ridiculous to be thinking of yet more new houses when it’s clear that the infrastructure- facilities, roads, doctors, schools etc etc can’t deal with the amount of new builds that we’ve got at the moment.

  4. The planning statement says that new homes would not affect capacity issues on the Burton Rd and would be more than capable of accommodating additional traffic without harm to highway safety or leading to congestion…….well, they would say that wouldn’t they? Enough is enough! Traffic safety and congestion on joining and leaving the A38 from the Burton Rd ,particularly joining ,at any time of the day ,can already be a “hair raising event”to say the least.

  5. “We don’t need more homes” say people with homes. Well as a parent with adult offspring who want to buy their own place, as do their friends, I think this attitude is incredibly selfish. This site is in a good location, near a station and walkable to lots of services and to the city centre. And no, I don’t think this, or other housing will ruin Lichfield or that particular area. I’ve lived here for decades, people who live here will spend here. It’s a lovely city with lots going on and it will continue to be so.

  6. Lichfield Resident; hope your kids don’t drive if they’re planning to live here – they’ll need to start pulling out of the junction now to get to Trent Valley on the day they first need to leave the house. This isn’t all about not wanting houses; some of it is about trying to make sure that locations are sustainable and appropriate. Streethay has gone from 280 homes to about 1500 in a matter of a couple of years. In that time, no road improvements have accompanied it, but we still expect the single route in to Lichfield (which also serves southbound A38 traffic entering Lichfield) to be able to cope with the demand. You can’t keep pushing more and more vehicles through the Trent Valley bottleneck without it having repercussions.

  7. No house then move to Acrington whole estates empty and boarded up. The UK has plenty of houses but not where people want to live

  8. I agree with the above comments about too many houses and the traffic problems on Burton Road. All of you should each send your objections to this proposal to the LDC Planning dept. You can do it on the Council’s website.

  9. How do you expect to accommodate people from these building projects? Yes we will need Dr’s schools, etc but you are building for the elderly and yet your roads and pavements are diabolical.You’ll have Lichfield Town look like Sutton Coldfield’s Gracechurch Centre. Tired and undesirable.

  10. The building in this country is a joke 15yrs at least of non stop building some of the places that people are building is down right stupid fradley streethay alrewas drive down the slip rd to get to the houses then drive around the village to get out genius

  11. Burton Road cannot cope with anymore traffic it is one big traffic jam now. There is no new infrastructure , except a primary school, to support what is already there, where are the extra Doctors? I hope LDC planning come to their senses, or is this a big lucrative financial deal!

  12. Why did LDC not get section 106 money from the poor struggling streethay developers to improve trent road roundabout, ie make smaller and with some feeder lanes, and cycle lanes?
    And why do councils not have a condition for just 1 car park space for say 25% of new plots. And a charging point.
    Going to be fun in lichfield when HS2 works prevent streethay a38 south and north access !!

  13. Ah it’s Cameron Homes again. They have ruined parts of Chasetown High street, destroyed fields in Norton Canes and now their tentacles are closing in on poor Streethay.

  14. These greedy developers are turning a beautiful place to live into a massive housing development. It’s just pure greed with no consideration for anything or anyone else.

  15. A survey was published showing that there would be no traffic congestion problems should a third school be opened in Cherry Orchard. Later, it transpired that the survey took place in mid-August, when, of course, there would have been no school traffic in the road. Believe nothing that they say!

  16. It is a fact we need more houses, starter homes would be good and help to buy good to ,let’s help local youngsters get on the wagon from a ex Streethay resident

  17. Ray Share; as an ex-Streethay resident it’s probably very easy to remember it when there was plenty of capacity on the Burton Road. As someone who is a current Streethay resident I can guarantee you that there is no capacity on that road. We’ve already got drivers using the new estate as a cut through creating a bottleneck at the traffic lights before the railway bridge. No problem with new homes, but there comes a point where you can’t funnel everything through one lane of traffic.

  18. Why do we need more homes? So we can solve the housing problems in neighboring towns and cities? So that people who are fed up of the urban sprawl in Birmingham get to move to Lichfield? Because that’s all it really benefits, not the local population or those who have grown up here. Don’t be fooled. And these houses are always built on the most awful strips of land that are left over from previous building or commercial uses – there is a reason they were never selected in the first place for housing. Look at the small development at the a38 slip road in streethay…all shared ownership, affordable housing…stick them all near a busy dual carriageway why don’t you….not easily walkable to town, or to the secondary schools. What benefit does it give anyone? Cost? Is that it? Imagine the breathing problems any child will have living there? What quality of life does that offer?

  19. Streethay resident yes you are correct I lived on burton rd when the farmer decided to build was time to move but I miss the place it is still a great place and needs t l c

  20. A quick response to the comments of Lichfield Resident.
    Are you happy then with all the houses being built at the junction of Birmingham Road and Falkland Road, bearing in mind how far that site actually extends towards Wall island?
    How about those on the other side of Birmingham Road, behind Shortbutts Lane?
    What about those planned for Cricket Lane?
    What about the hundreds planned at Curborough?
    How far does the destruction of the city have to go before you decide that you are not happy?

  21. Yes I’m happy with the new homes. I had to move out of Lichfield when I was younger as there was no housing I could afford to stay near my family and friends. Why should people be forced out of the area where their friends and family are because people who already have nice homes here say they got what they want no more thank you very much. My own kids’ friends and they younger members of my family are buying and renting on these new developments. Not only that but they don’t use their cars much (in some cases don’t even own a car) because they are either working in Lichfield or catching the train to work. So yes. I’m happy.

  22. @Lichfield Resident, I think you’re missing the point. The vast majority of the people buying these homes are not from Lichfield. Many are from the West Midlands/Birmingham, and want to move somewhere less crowded and more rural. The irony is if they keep building homes at the current rate Lichfield will be no different, just an urban sprawl. The second point is, whilst building new homes is one thing, you need proper infrastructural to support them, and this Council seldom insists on proper facilities for fear of putting developers off.

  23. Simon…I’m not missing any point. Sure, people may come here from elsewhere but by the same token our own kids have to move away and set up home somewhere else if there’s nowhere they can afford to buy or rent here. In terms of the infrastructure that needs to go along with development, I totally agree…developers should be paying and the council needs to make sure they do, and that it is then delivered.

  24. But Lichfield resident, you referred to your situation of not being able to find anywhere to buy in Lichfield as a justification for supporting the out of control house building in the Lichfield District. However, if building houses just means people come in from outside with more money and snap them up, it doesn’t really solve your problem does it? You still have to buy elsewhere. Hence you were missing the point. These aren’t houses for local people, as local people aren’t buying/can’t afford them.

  25. Despite its expansion, Lichfield is still a nice civilised place to live and work. It’s extremely safe compared to many places and has an attractive centre. So guess what… people want to come and live here!

    I’m not convinced that all of those lamenting the lack of infrastructure to support the new homes are genuine. I suspect there’s some resentment that more people are getting the opportunity to share living in a nice place, and that some long-time residents want to keep the place to themselves.

  26. The exponential nature of expansion means that Lichfield will be consumed. This has been the fate of many satellite towns of larger cities. It will inevitably change the nature and ethos of the city. I came here in the early seventies (yes from Birmingham) when new estates were just beginning to emerge. It had a unique personality, almost timeless. I am grateful for those times that will not come again.

  27. Unfortunately there is a housing crisis, and we’ll all agree that there are not enough homes for our growing population here in the UK. However, I don’t think speculative housing developers are the best people to solve this problem, as their prime motive is to make as substantial a profit margin as they can on each house they build. And to grow their business they need land, preferably close to existing settlements. Perhaps we can encourage them & our Council planning dept. to consider plans for less dense housing in this Streethay location, which is still preferable to any new 18m high industrial sheds.

  28. Not an actual comment about the possible development you are talking about, “Dr Teeth” mentioned Cameron Homes and Chasetown High Street. Beauty is in the beholder, but many of us think that Cameron/Chasetown Civil Engineering group have enhanced the High Street. Look at “the gateway” to High Street. The old MEB building has now gone and a good looking new building in its place. The Catholic church removed to Burntwood, no doubt sponsored by Mr Sweeney, and a smart new building in its place, What was the police station has now been smartened up and now looks busy, not sleepy and unkept as before. And their Keon office is smart also. Then at Christmas they substantially sponsor all the Christmas lights in the village.

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