Anti-vaccine protesters have taken their campaign to the gates of a Lichfield secondary school.

Vehicles driving past protesters outside The Friary School

The small group held placards up outside The Friary School on Eastern Avenue during the school run this morning (8th October).

Pupils heading into classes said they had been approached by the group with claims about the safety of the coronavirus vaccine.

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said he was unhappy with the decision by the protesters to target students.

“I am angered and disappointed to hear that a rag-tag group of misguided anti-vaxxers are spreading their malign and inaccurate message outside a Lichfield school.

“Their message is not based on science, but on bitter prejudice. More importantly, it endangers innocent lives. 

“Until the majority of the population is fully vaccinated, we cannot hope to stem the daily toll of lives caused by youngsters spreading the disease.

“Yesterday I visited a vaccination centre and saw young people coming forward for their jab.  It was heart-warming and I am angered to think that they might have been put off had they met any of these malign people at the school gates.  Their opposition to vaccination based on their superstition and ignorance.

“If they are causing a problem outside the school gates, the school should consider contacting the police as the presence of anti-vaxxers could be regarded as intimidatory and likely to cause a breach of the peace.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of Lichfield District Council, said:

“The latest Ofsted report tells me the quality of science taught is ‘above average’ at The Friary – so I do hope that this anti-science nonsense being peddled outside of our schools will be ignored by those educated inside.”

Cllr Doug Pullen, Lichfield District Council

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  1. I think this group, or whatever group has been behind this and recent events in burntwood need to be investigated more, seems to have been on the rise in the area

  2. I respect everyone’s right to protest, but not a right to push individual views onto children.

    Schools are a place of education and should be a safe haven for the young people entering its walls.

    Whether or not any individual believes in the Covid vaccine is a matter for them and them alone. Not for them to push those views onto school children.

    Children having a vaccine is a matter for those children and their families to agree. Not protesters.

  3. They should get themselves an education instead of spending time on Facebook and then get a job instead of upsetting kids. What a bunch of unsavoury weirdos.






    Moderators note: COVID-19 vaccinations have been through thorough clinical trials and do not alter genes. 16 and 17 year olds who are able to can consent to receive the vaccine, much as they can with other treatment, otherwise parental consent is required. Office for National Statistics data shows only 3 deaths amongst children related to the vaccine.

  5. OMG I am agreeing with Fabricant!! The last thing our kids need at this time is this bunch of idiots protesting outside a school peddling lies and conspiracy theories and putting more pressure and uncertainty on them. The vaccines for 12-15 year olds cannot come soon enough. These idiots need to be challenged and told to stay away from schools.

  6. Well this pandemic has brought all sorts of nutters on to the streets. I’m surprised Piers Corbyn hasn’t joined in, or is he in prison at the moment for his lunatic views? Shameful that they are targeting pupils.

  7. Mr D Mills: Your suggestion that you aren’t just a nutter who gets his information from Youtube and spends his time trying to scare kids at the school gate might have carried more weight if you knew where the Caps Lock button was on your computer.

  8. The kids will think this is hilarious nonsense peddled by ‘boomers’ and they’re right – these dangerous buffoons should be laughed out of the city.

  9. I always find that responding in block caps greatly enhances an argument…

    I’m more than happy to add my name to the list of councillors condemning this action. Engage in debate, protest, make your point, raise your concerns, but outside a school is a wholly inappropriate place to do it.

    Perhaps Mr D Mills could read these articles which explain why, biochemically, mRNA isn’t gene therapy to improve his understanding and perhaps allow a better quality of debate:

  10. Mr Mills, you are spreading stand up lies. You are a liar. It is simply not true that there has been a 42% rise is deaths since taking the jab. That is a lie. I’m all for everyone having their own beliefs and they have that right. But when you are scaring children at the SCHOOL GATE (caps lock intended – I am shouting at you MILLS), then you are dangerous, and you need to be closed down.

  11. @Mr D Mills. If you aren’t an antivaxxer, and bizarre use of capital letters aside, why do you use typical antivaxxer nonsense to back up your argument? It’s only an experimental vaccine in the minds of antivaxxers. Where in the following response from the ONS to antivaxxer freedom of information requests does it back up your claim of massive casualties.

    In fact would you care to share the source of your claim so we can point out why you’re so wrong?

  12. Mr D Mills you are an anti-vaxxer. Your argument contains all the lies and falsehoods that we have come to expect . I equate all anti-vaxxers with Andrew Wakefield and his lies about autism and the MMR vaccine. Some of his supporters advocate pouring bleach down the throats of autistic children to “cure” them. This practice damages these children more than any vaccine will. The kids being offered the jab here have the facts and thankfully don’t have to rely on the pseudo science and prejudices of their parents unlike some autistic children who are being poisoned by their anti-vaxxer parents.

  13. Mr D Mills you are an anti-vaxxer using the same falsehoods and pseudo science and hiding behind the facade of a concerned parent. Leave our kids alone and let them make an informed choice rather than relying on the prejudices and lies being peddled by you and your anti-vaxxer friends. (Also please learn to use the caps lock key).

  14. The responses I was totally expecting and guaranteed to get Thank you everyone.

    I look forward to all your comments when the children start getting severely poorly and dying!

    Perhaps everyone should stop listening to everything the Tel-Lie-Vision says and do their own independent research.

    FYI caps was on purpose…. Ha Ha Ha Lichfield people hey

  15. Unfortunately, engaging with these dubious characters in debate is unlikely to yield results since they are stupid enough to have arrived at their position without the use of reason. Therefore reason will not help them out of the cesspit of idiocy they mentally live in.

    It’s more than a bit worrying that they are taking pictures of children and accosting them at school gates.

  16. Who is Mr D Mills.
    Oh Yes.. Part of a small group of anti-vaxxers Protesting outside a School with over a thousand pupils.
    Now go home and have a nice cup of tea. Your protest is not needed or wanted.

  17. My daughter goes to this school.Two of the campaign protesters approached her, then started shouting vaccination “facts” in her face. As she is from an educated family so she knew the real facts for herself , but at 13, this was a terrifying experience. She felt bullied by the adults, and was very upset. I think they have been through enough this last 18 months. Can they not be allowed to go to school, which they have missed enough of already, without being harassed ?!

  18. Fabricant suggests the school could contact the police, surely he noticed the demonstration was almost outside Lichfield unavailable to the public police station

  19. Amazingly, I find myself agreeing with our MP on this. I would add that no-one should be allowed to protest outside a school for any reason whatsoever. The same would go for hospitals and GP surgeries, etc. There’s a site provided for people to express their views in Lichfield – Speakers’ Corner.

  20. This is a safeguarding issue. Perhaps one of these protesters might like to explain to concerned parents whether or not they have all been police checked and who exactly has given them permission to approach unaccompanied minors outside of a school.

  21. Mr Mills Perhaps you believe travelling in a car & not wearing a seatbelt is OK or riding a bike without a helmet is fine or maybe even that the earth is flat. All 3 of these incidents had people protesting, & you are entitled to your weird unscientific opinions on covid but please keep them to yourself. You will have no effect on the intelligent students as they are better informed & more personal safety conscious that you.

  22. In respect of Mr D Mills’ latest comment that people should do their own independent research, I’d just like to confirm that unlike conspiracy theorists, I have.

    I built on the critical reading and questioning skills I learnt during my 5 years studying and researching chemistry at the University of Manchester (including 2 modules in respect of biochemistry). I applied these skills and the additional critical thinking and reasoning skills developing during my Masters at Warwick University to determine which were credible resources and research on which to base my views.

    I then applied my well-developed bullsh*t monitor, developed during my time in local politics, and I can confirm that all of this leads me to my independent conclusion that Mr D Mills is spouting dangerous nonsense from a position of no knowledge.

  23. Mr Mills, I would love for you to spend a day in ITU and see the true story of covid. Unfortunately, you’ve probably not had your covid vaccine so, to protect others and yourself, you are not allowed. You have a right to choose to vaccinate it not, but not a right to intimidate or frighten others with your unsubstantiated, fear inducing views. Adults approaching children in this way is a safeguarding issue – you talk about consent but have these children consented to be screamed at and frightened. Nice to see that you feel children dying deserves an exclamation mark.

  24. You are an idiot, Mr Mills. How dare you frighten and intimidate.
    My ex brother in law has been in hospital since March 2021, thankfully no longer on a ventilator but had to have a pace maker fitted as a result of catching Covid.

  25. D Mills I have also done my independent research and you’re incorrect.
    Vaccines will reduce symptoms and offer protection against the disease. So does ventilation, do you disagree with that also.
    What gives you the right to threaten and frighten schoolchildren. Nothing, your views are your own, go away now and do some real research. Cllr Grange has helped you begin that journey.

  26. Mr D Mills (D Mented, more like).

    I’m with you. And when the spaceship lands in Beacon Park, near the pitch and putt, we’ll be the ones laughing, right??

  27. Mr D. Mills you are a either a total liar, or just a total idiot. Your research is wrong but refuse to listen to rational arguments. A very small mind indeed.

  28. Joanne Grange, “Engage in debate, protest, make your point, raise your concerns”
    If only there was an opportunity to do so but all comment contrary to the Government position (WHO!) is cancelled and de-platformed.
    Are YOU prepared to enter into public debate, you may find others to be a lot better informed than you think.

  29. We are all entitled to our own opinion and have the freedom to voice it.
    Standing outside schools though is ridiculous.
    I was very dubious at first re vaccines but eventually figured I was in more danger from covid than the jab.
    Let families and children make their own decisions.

  30. Mr D Mills so you think you have somehow won and annoyed Lichfield? From the comments here all you have done is unite us against your pathetic little attempt to stir up trouble. Crowing about it in the way that you have demeans your cause even further.

  31. Chris – I am perfectly prepared to publicly debate. Let’s start now:

    What evidence is there to support the claims Covid-19 vaccinations are “experimental mRNA gene therapy”? I believe this assertion is scientifically incorrect and should not go unchallenged. If you provide alternative evidence (appropriately cited) I will read it with an open mind.

    Secondly, in what reality is it acceptable for adults to harass children regardless of the subject matter of that harassment. Some of the reports I am getting of the behaviour of the adults involved is a cause of concern. Is there not a better way to engage other than frightening children?

    I will defend the right of protest until the end of days but it is my assertion that adults forcing unscientific opinion on children outside their school in a manner that could be considered harassment is wholly unacceptable in a civilised society.

    Your go.

  32. Stick to the wide grass verges, you bunch of idiots. If you turn up outside my child’s school, the pavement won’t be big enough for both of us (and it won’t be me going into the road).

  33. The moderator’s comment that there have only been 3 child deaths relating to the vaccine is interesting. Three deaths is OK I guess… unless perhaps, one of them is your child.

  34. My son was one of the children you shouted at this morning, your opinions do not matter, nor do I care about your vaccination status, what I do care about is the fact that you as an “adult” decided to target children. As an adult I cannot understand why your arguments are aimed at children, maybe it is because you are unable to get anyone else to listen to your nonsense and feel children are an easy target.

  35. I notice none of the protesters have responded to my question about being police checked. You seem to have plenty to say to children when it suits you: how about engaging with a concerned parent?

  36. @ JE I assume from your flippant remark that you are however unconcerned with child deaths relating to Covid, and the associated deaths from parents and family members who catch it from their children?

  37. Hello Ascellus,
    I’m so sorry that my comment was rather ambiguous and appalled if others may have thought that I was being flippant. I thought that the 3 deaths had been somewhat dismissed by the moderator as being of little importance. There are always potential side effects to any medical treatment. When giving vaccines to children I think it sensible that we look at the risk of illness from Covid to that child v possible side effects. Most children are not likely to suffer badly from Covid and maybe their parents feel that the risk of serious vaccine side effects is one that they don’t want to take. Remember that we don’t yet have any long term data. Never before have we asked children to have medical intervention to keep the rest of us safe. I think it is a topic worthy of serious debate in mainstream media. Sadly, the minute anyone raises the issue, they get labelled as crackpots. Healthy debate seems to have turned into an opportunity to forget our manners and simply have a slanging match.

  38. You know, this is quite heartening to see the weak-minded, gullible fringe loons being roundly and soundly berated. Seeing these dipsticks and their sick predilection for children getting a dose of it from sensible, decent folk does me good. My daughter phoned me in tears after one chap yelled in her face that she was going to die because she was having the vaccine. She told me of one young lad being chased into school for wearing a mask! These total cowards are desperate for relevance & to feel significant in their tawdry, useless existence and so take to abusing children to feel important. I hear they’re coming back on Monday so perhaps a counter ‘protest’ is in order from us decent folk

  39. These idiotic, selfish protestors should stop and consider others just for once. Children have been through hell in this pandemic, some are scared for their lives, some are struggling socially. Go away, you are not wanted or needed. This is before we even consider the lies your are propagating. Start to think about the full affects on others of your actions.

  40. @JE You are appalled that people might think your comment “..three deaths is ok I guess…” was flippant? Seriously?

  41. Wow, I’m actually agreeing for once with the Schollmeister’s on this one! These anti vaxx weirdos should keep well away from schools and school children.

  42. School children are very intelligent and clued up on how to source / research facts. I would like both sides have an amicable debate in their presence. The young adults will then be able to make up their own minds after asking questions to both view points. I have no problem with anyone choosing to not have a vaccination however I would like the participants to be able to ask young adults who have lost a parent from Covid 19 pneumonia what they think; as no death from the disease or vaccination is acceptable. It is an eye opener to how the younger generation perceive challenges, communicate and deal with situations. The senior generation need not worry as I am encouraged from what I have witnessed that the next generation will improve the planet and life upon it despite our best endeavours. If Mr Mills wants an open debate on Covid 19 I have all the time in the world now and he will probably learn that communication by shouting and placard went out in the 60’s

  43. @Waiting For God. Good debate is important as long as all have open minds. Opinion is also swayed by popular and propaganda based notions.
    There is a difference to the Covid 19 vaccinations that we have not experienced before. Hitherto vaccinations were given to protect the individual. In that scenario young people are not particularly vulnerable to Covid, and could quite reasonably decline vaccination.
    If we transfer the onus to individuals protecting the population then that is entirely different. But that then begs a still broader problem; should we all be compelled to be immunized for all communicable illnesses for the greater good.
    We are seeing many civil liberties denied us because of this virus. You might well question the meaning and value of liberty.
    Incidentally, I advocate immunisation and have had both doses of vaccine. Do you realise that I can still contract the disease and pass it onto others? Such culpability is the basis of my argument.

  44. JE states “never before have we asked children to have medical intervention to keep the rest of us safe”. I presumably imagined my mandatory childhood smallpox vaccination, then – a childhood vaccination programme that was mandatory in England and Wales from 1853 to 1971 (

    As to the posters exhorting us to do our own research, I look forward to them sharing A) a list of their peer-reviewed publications on either coronavirus or childhood vaccination programmes and/or B) their medical qualifications, and then also outlining how we can all undertake large-scale clinical trials from home so we can sort this out for ourselves. Which is no doubt what they meant by ‘research’, since they presumably can’t possibly have meant ‘watch a few YouTube videos’, ‘look at some social media posts’, or ‘read my preferred local news site posts written by random strangers on the internet’.

  45. There is a significant cohort of anti vaxxers (not those seeking answers to genuine questions), which is driven by Q mentality.

    They really believe there’s a global conspiracy to infect humans with the vaccine and that covid is ‘made up’ to allow that to happen. They blame 5G because once vaccinated, we’re magnetised and can be ‘switched off’ when bill gates says so.


    They also believe that this ‘global conspiracy’ is led by global elites (govts) who are letting children live in tunnels around the world. They think the recent floods in Germany, etc, were to ‘flush out’ these said tunnels.

    These people believe trump will save us from all of this, hence so many trump supporters are also anti vaccine. Often, they join this conspiracy from ufo clubs, were generally distrustful of govt, various entry points…all now focused on the covid vaccine.

    You have no idea how dangerous these people are, we have a wider family member who believes all this and worse and you cannot reason with them. We are very worried for them & their immediate family, already they have caused friction in their immediate family.

    It is my opinion that these people are fully radicalised into Q drivel and they totally, utterly think they’re right and rational. The science-trusting individuals who challenge them are ‘sheeples’ and stupid, ‘don’t think for themselves’ and are idiots.

    Something needs to be done about this and it has to be political but nobody seems to ever address it? These people are believing utter drivel because…something. I hope this is published because I really don’t think people understand how dangerous these people could be.

  46. It seems Joanne and Sahure have raised questions requiring answers and public debate regarding this topic. But no one seems willing to reply, not even shouty sarcastic Mr D. Mills.

    I like many others have done my own reading of pier reviewed data. But I do feel the school should telephone the police if there are more instances of harrasment of the children when entering the school as this is definately safeguarding issue. I think parents should ensure their children enter the school safely for a while, and that the protesters are standing clear of the road edge as Lichvegas says, safety first :-). Maybe Mr Hill spent too much time outside the school gates as a child and not in the classroom, which explains a lot.

  47. The lesson is simple. If you want to move to a higher level of life, you have to be willing to let go of some of your old ways of thinking and being and adopt new ones. The results will eventually speak for themselves.

    Wisdom from a Burntwood friend.

  48. Alan Garwood

    A few words that are supportive of Mr D Mills. I care not that his thoughts on covid are barmy. I agree that he has the right to free speech ( although he shouldn’t really attempt to foist his views on minors). I totally agree that he needs to protest profusely … against the system that allowed him to leave school with such an inadequate grasp of written English or even the most rudimentary ability to distinguish fact from bunkum.

  49. I cannot begin to tell you how angry I am that my Children have been subjected to ill informed idiots shouting nonsensical tripe at them .
    No children are coerced into getting the vaccine , no nurse is going to pin them down despite consent being obtained from a parent.
    My children have lived through lockdown with the constant fear they may lose their Mum on the front line – they want the vaccine so how DARE you sow that seed of doubt in their mind.GO AND GET EDUCATED .FOOLS.

  50. I suggest some research into this ‘movement’. Far right USA money behind it, they fund various organisations like Turning Point UK. Their objectives are to cause major social schisms in society, and cement an immovable, irrational, voting bloc as seen with the 30% in the USA, and attacking anything opposing, including science and ‘experts’ via social media. One of their main routes in is via the spiritually alternative who get bombarded with the anti 5G anti vax stuff thanks to the linkages conveniently provided by Facebook etc.

  51. Presumably, by his silence, Fabricant is tacitly supporting the anti-vaxxers. Coupled with his comments about disabled folk this weekend, Fabbo has not had a good few days. Still, he is a bit of a muppet and just like his Party Leader.
    Can’t the local Tory Party disown him or do they agree with his comments? Their Silence is viewed as agreement with his comments in my mind.

  52. John Griffin is spot on. It sounds so improbable and like a conspiracy in itself but this is the world now. How countries and power are won and lost.

    Climate change opponents funding far-right extremist groups like these without the education or critical thinking skills to see past it. It’s no coincidence that the Trumpers, Farage, GB News etc all have a stance on the opposition to covid mitigation measures.

    People like Mr Mills and his gullible friends are victims of an online cult. This, however, doesn’t excuse their reprehensible behaviour one bit, but it does explain why they aren’t able to to understand the reasoned, factual arguments against them. They’re in a cult, an online one, where even fact-checkers like Snopes and Full-Fact are to be viewed with suspicion as it breaks their odd world view where they are important saviours of an ‘asleep’ society.

    It’s pathetic and sad, but very dangerous.

  53. Given that the school is right next door to the Police ‘station’, where were they when these children were being accosted? And I note there is no comment from the school about what action they took to safeguard the children trying to enter school.

  54. Mr D Mills, you are an anti vaxxer and as a parent of a year 7 child at The Friary, I can assure you that the children thought the protest was highly amusing and they’re now convinced you’re a bunch of foil hat wearing weirdos that have done nothing but encourage the children to take up the vaccine when available.

  55. AnnS, you are right, there is no comment from the school – but that does not mean they didn’t do anything. Equally, what, realistically could they have done? These protestors are not interested in debate or dialog and I don’t think teaching staff can get involved physically anymore.

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