Coronavirus test

Doorstep coronavirus testing teams are being introduced across Burntwood.

Staffordshire County Council is using additional measures after the latest figures revealed the number of positive cases in Staffordshire reached almost 487 per 100,000 people – above the West Midlands rate of 393 and the England rate of 335.

Testing teams will be targeting addresses in Chase Terrace on Monday (11th October), with addresses in Highfields and other areas of Burntwood on 15th and 17th October respectively.

Cllr Johnny McMahon, cabinet support member for public health at the county council, said:

“People are much busier than they were during lockdown but getting tested regularly remains vitally important to catching coronavirus cases early, limiting the spread of infection and keeping our communities safe this winter.

“We’re working hard to make Covid testing as convenient as possible for our residents and have provided testing pop-ups in busy areas such as shopping centres, high streets, markets and at local events throughout the pandemic.

“Our rollout of door-to-door testing will help ensure more people are getting access to testing kits in the areas that need them most.

“If our testing team knocks at your door, please take up their offer of testing kits and continue to test regularly, even if you are fully vaccinated.”

Cllr Johnny McMahon, Staffordshire County Council

Pop-up testing stations are also being deployed across Staffordshire. Details of locations are available on the Staffordshire County Council website.

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  1. Not really surprised as the high level of right-wing voting coincides with a high level of beggar-your-neighbour mask avoidance. I have heard people voicing conspiracy theories, refusal to be told what to do, and around Burntwood, almost blanket lack of mask wearing or social distancing. The cluster of characteristics so visible and audible in pubs, shops and outside schools is what is mainly responsible, encouraged by the exceptionalism promoted by most of Staffs councillors own political leaders.

  2. 2 days ago I read that Lichfield was 13th on a list of the top 45 with the highest number of reported cases. As they are listed by local authority this would of course include Burntwood so I’m not surprised. Having visited 2 shops in Lichfield today I would say that most people were not wearing a mask. Says it all in my humble opinion.

  3. What about people who have to wear masks on all day long at work. I absolutely hate them. I can’t wait until 4.30pm to get the mask off. You can’t understand what people are saying, they keep riding down when talking. So there is no way I am putting one on when I go out and before you have a go on me I social distance, gel my hands and double jabbed.

  4. belleview Being double jabbed (no vaccine is 100%) and gelling your hands does not stop you passing it on or getting it. It just reduces your chances of catching it or passing it on and reduces need for you to be hospitalised or worse. It is air borne. Masks help to protect you and others, reducing viral load. Before you ask I have asthma and I wear a mask at work and any indoor setting. Small thing to do to help protect vulnerable people.

  5. I have no problem in following covid rules. If the government says I’ve got to wear a face mask in public spaces I will gladly do it. Unfortunately covid is here to stay. How long do you want People to wear them 2 years, 5 years. We need to just live with it and get back to normal life as soon as possible.

  6. @belleview – the government is incompetent. How can you say you will only do something if the government tells you to? ‘Living with it’ currently means 1,000 people a week dying of it – carry on like this for a year and that’s nearly twice the population of Lichfield . Maybe you are ok with that – I’m not.

    All this “If not now, when?” guff from Johnson is just treating people like idiots – you don’t make a pandemic go away by pretending everything is normal. Let’s put our big girl pants on and look after ourselves and each other.

  7. belleview. –

    New covid cases today

    UK +40,224
    Germany +2,812
    Italy +1,516
    Spain +1,277
    France +1,120
    Portugal +327

  8. Choose your supermarket with care. A casual survey in Lichfield’s Co-op showed that most males wore no mask, in Aldi virtually all customers and staff wore masks and in Waitrose, most wore masks but, apart from some staff, the majority of non-wearers were men. Perhaps machismo is a Covid spreader?
    Anyone visited Morrisons or Tesco?

  9. If you choose to wear a face mask and feel you are protecting yourself then that is great. If face masks become mandatory again in public spaces I will wear one. If I go somewhere and asked to wear one on I will gladly put one on. I have no problem in following covid requirements.

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