Lichfield City's Trade Tyre Community Stadium
Lichfield City’s Trade Tyre Community Stadium

Lichfield City FC is urging players to support a greener approach by showing the red card to single-use plastic containers.

The Brownsfield Park club is encouraging junior and senior players to bring reusable drinks containers to its Trade Tyre Community Stadium home.

A spokesperson for City said:

“It has become more and more apparent that there is a large amount of throw away plastic containers that being brought into and left at our ground.

“We feel we have a responsibility to play our part to help reduce plastic pollution and as such as we are insisting all players bring with them reusable drink and food containers.

“Any waste will have to be taken away from the ground as the bins will be removed.”

Lichfield City FC spokesperson

The clubs said it wanted to help “educate all our players on this serious environmental issue”.

“We have a fantastic facility that is used regularly by many hundreds of players each week and we hope they take ownership of the issues single-use plastic brings.”

Lichfield City FC spokesperson

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