An industrial unit earmarked as a future retail site in Lichfield could be demolished if plans are approved.

The former GKN site in Lichfield. Picture: Google Streetview

The former GKN site off Trent Valley Road has been empty for a number of years.

The site has previously been highlighted as a potential location for a new Marks and Spencer Food Hall and another unnamed retailer.

The current planning application would allow for the existing buildings to be cleared from the land.

“Prior to demolition, all identified hazardous substances will be removed in a controlled manner.

“Demolition will typically be by mechanical means and controlled deconstruction with the use of a high reach demolition excavator. Hydraulic hammers will be used for concrete structures and concrete processing attachments will be used to crush concrete to a manageable size.

“All processes will employ a form of dust suppression, where possible.”

Planning statement

The site has had a chequered past in recent years, with a major fire breaking out in 2017 after an arson attack.

More recently, the car park area has been used for passengers visiting the neighbouring Lichfield Trent Valley station.

Full details of the demolition proposals are available on the Lichfield District Council planning website.

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  1. This can not happen. Have the people considering this application seen the traffic in the morning and people coming home from work in the evening? It’s just one long queue both ways. If this happens it’s going to be totally bonkers down there

  2. NO mention of the illegal rubbish that was dumped in the building a few years ago and is STILL there because nobody would pay to remove it ? Surely you remember the adjoining properties being plagued by flies 2 years ago or more ? I DO

  3. Traffic bottleneck morning and evenings as already stated.
    How about resurrecting the town centre which looks appalling with all the closed shops.
    Lower the rents and stimulate retail ASAP!

  4. Totally agree Darren Roberts

    Lichfield has outgrown Eastern Avenue and Cappers Lane with all the recent developments in this area. This bit of “ring road” isn’t working. We need a new connection to the A38 here – perhaps the new roads being built for HS2 could help?

  5. Long overdue, and no more houses. We need to balance housing need against retail or else people in Lichfield will just go out of town. No more coffee shops please and no more Coops….

  6. I hope the original sandstone carving can be saved and placed ether somewhere in the new development or perhaps in beacon park.

  7. Totally agree Michael some things need to be kept to preserve some of the past either leave it there or move it.

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