A group of volunteer litter pickers in Lichfield have passed the milestone of collecting 5,000 bags of rubbish.

Lichfield Litter Legends in action

The Lichfield Litter Legends began life in October 2019 and saw members take to the streets to clear away waste left behind.

Bob Harrison, from the group, thanked everyone who had helped the group play their part in keeping the city clean and tidy.

“In 2020 we collected 2,187 bags of litter, so we set ourselves a challenge to beat that figure in 2021.

“With just over two months of 2021 to go we have amassed a phenomenal 5,000 bags so far this year.

“We are so grateful to everyone who has helped us in our quest this year and I would personally like to thank the Lichfield District Council Street Scene Team who we have been working in tandem with over the past two years. They have been extremely supportive and very helpful in keeping this wonderful city of ours clean and tidy.”

Bob Harrison, Lichfield Litter Legends

As well as collecting litter, the group is also working to help educate the younger generation about the importance of keeping their area tidy.

“When we started two years ago we had around half a dozen volunteers. We currently have 314 registered volunteers, and although quite a few of those have fallen by the wayside we still have a hardcore of regular volunteers who really do care about keeping Lichfield clear of litter.

“We work with beaver colonies and schools to push the important message that litter is harmful to us and our wildlife.

“It is only through education that we will achieve our goal of a litter-free Lichfield.”

Bob Harrison, Lichfield Litter Legends

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  1. This is excellent. It really is a shame that such schemes are needed when the easiest thing in the world to do is put your own litter in a bin. I know this scheme has a lot of support for the work they do, including from our MP who has publicly thanked them for their work.

    I know of two young councillors in Burntwood who have given up their own time to carry out litter picking around the area. They are setting such a great example with their selfless acts of community work. I hope that others are inspired by these two exceptional young councillors, who both have very young families and very busy lives but give up their time in this way. They do so without seeking any “reward”, they do it for the good of the communities they represent.

    I think this group and these councillors deserve all our support and grateful thanks.

  2. An astonishing achievement, but am I the only one uncomfortable with the idea that, in a city as affluent as Lichfield, our streets are tidied by volunteers and our neediest fed by a foodbank?

  3. Michael Fabricant keeps tweeting that he’s eager to help, and would love to get out and do his bit. That was about a year ago. To date – he still hasn’t.

    Unless I’m wrong…I’m which case, please do correct me Michael.

  4. It’s been a lot of fun, we have met some very classy people and had some rollicking times. The highlights are always the people that stop and thank you, the cars that peep support and the amazing sight of an area returned to nature.
    Love where you live, Lichfield is beautiful!

  5. I’m an unofficial litter-picker on my road. It takes 5 minutes and instantly makes the place look 100% nicer. Almost anyone can do the same if they really want to.

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