Motorists in Lichfield and Burntwood are being sought to join a trial of a new product on the M6 Toll.

It will see ANPR cameras used to process discounted local journeys between junctions T4, T5 and T6.

A previous trial saw HGVs using the road use the product, but now 200 motorists are being sought to see how it works for other motorists, with each of ten pre-paid trips costing £2.90.

The technology sees drivers manage payments online and not have to stop at the toll booths. If successful, it will be rolled out more widely next year.

M6 Toll commercial director Julie Davies said:

“It has been a long-term ambition to provide more efficient and better value options for local drivers, and ANPR-enabled accounts like FlexiPass are game changing on that front. 

“Once signed up drivers can easily hop on and off the M6 Toll whenever the need arises, saving around 15 minutes even on really short local trips compared to taking the A5 or A38 for example.”

Julie Davies

The new technology is part of a wider series of improvements planned for the toll road.

“Our Road Ahead programme is transforming our tolling systems, but we need customer feedback to put the new system through its paces to make sure we get it right. 

“We’re committed to becoming one of the most advanced toll roads internationally, and this new trial is another great step forward.

“The ANPR trial will be the most convenient way ever to use the M6 Toll, with no payment at the barriers, just sign-up and drive-up.”

Julie Davies

Anyone interested in taking part in the trial can call 0330 660 0790 or visit for more information.

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  1. Julie Davies says: “It has been a long-term ambition to provide more efficient and better value options for local drivers, and ANPR-enabled accounts like FlexiPass are game changing on that front.”
    I thought this new motorway was meant to be Birmingham’s northern relief road, not a local short-cut. A better idea than trying to tempt local drivers onto the almost empty motorway would be to make it free for those who otherwise simply plough on along the very congested M6 through Birmingham.
    It’s not a “short-cut” I would use, even if it were free. There are far easier ways for me to get to Lichfield or Tamworth. I always try to warn visitors not to be mislead by the road signs that direct you onto the toll road rather than the quicker, more convenient routes that the locals have always used.
    This should never have been a toll road and the sooner the toll is lifted the better.

  2. We’re all paying far more for this white elephant than if the Government had funded it properly in the first place. If the Government had funded it rather than involving private finance, and made it free like any other motorway, it wouldn’t be kept virtually empty and not fulfilling its purpose (unless that purpose was to make the private owners loads of dosh). A free motorway would have more than paid for itself through the benefit to the economy as a whole.

  3. Before lockdown I was using an M6 Toll trial product called the Hopper that meant you paid a maximum of £20 a week for journeys that began or ended at junctions 4, 5, 0r 6. Commuting from Lichfield to Coventry and back it was well worth the money for the savings in time and reduced queuing. They have since put the price up to (I think £30 a week cap), which I am not sure I would keep paying, however as I now work permanently from home it is not a decision I need to consider.

  4. £20 a week doesn’t sound so bad until you realise it’s over £1000 per year, or more than three times what you pay to use the whole of the rest of the national motorway network through your vehicle tax, not to mention all the other roads throughout the country, bar a few extortionate toll bridges.

  5. Amazing, it’s taken long enough to offer locals anything after putting up with all the disruption and chaos when it was being built. I used to have a pass token when I was working and even then it was empty !! We got nothing for putting up with that chaos, now they want us to use it and pay for the privilege !!

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