A group for people with learning disabilities say they have been “let down” by Lichfield’s MP.

Members of Friends 2 Friends at Speakers’ Corner

Friends 2 Friends had previously revealed they were upset by Michael Fabricant’s use of the word “remonger” on social media.

Members went to Speakers’ Corner earlier this week to make their point to the MP in a series of videos.

The Conservative MP said the use of the controversial phrase did not mean what the group thought it did.

“You shouldn’t be upset – the phrase coined by someone else was about ‘remainers’ scaremongering (not unusual) as was very clear from their tweet.”

Michael Fabricant MP

But a statement from the Friends 2 Friends group said such an explanation was “naive”.

“You may think that we shouldn’t be upset but the fact of the matter is we are.

“If you are naive enough to think that the word derived from ‘scaremongering’ based on some of the other tweets on the profile [he was replying to] then perhaps you shouldn’t be on twitter – after all, it’s not the first time you’ve been in trouble is it?

“We invite you to come to our group to meet with the members that you are supposed to represent, as these are the ones you’ve let down the most as our MP.”

Friends 2 Friends spokesperson

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  1. Fabricant continues to attempt to gaslight F2F but anyone with any sense of decency knows this. He needs to apologise – in person – to these wonderful human beings.

  2. I hope Fabricant does the decent thing & accepts Friends2Friends invitation to meet them. I hope he takes the opportunity to listen to what they have to say & to apologise to them for his hurtful & unpleasant remark.
    I hope he learns some restraint & to mind his language in future.

  3. Of course he won’t meet them. He’s far too arrogant to admit that he’s responsible for upsetting anyone. You’ll never change this odious little man, sadly.

  4. A very wise friend reminded me what David Cameron said – I think it was around 2009 – “The trouble with Twitter, the instantness of it – too many twits might make a twat.”

    This seems particularly appropriate in the case of our MP, especially given his unfortunate use of that term to a teenage girl several years ago. As my very good friend says, Mr Cameron has been proved right time and again and he adds his own important piece of advice: “Please think before you tweet”.

  5. Still no sign of an apology and still trying using weasel words to avoid the issue. A disgrace to politics and the political party of which he’s a member.

  6. You know, most decent people would just apologise if they offended someone – even if it was a genuine mistake. The fact he refuses to, is making more of a story than the original one. How can someone in public life be so arrogant??

    Genuinely shocked. I won’t be voting for Mr Fabricant again after this.

  7. Only just noticed this whole thing on Twitter. I’m absolutely gob-smacked by what he “liked”. How, in this time of tolerance and inclusiveness, is this man allowed to get away with this? It’s not as if this is the first time he’s said something exceptionally offensive…….

    What does he have to do to get punished?? Can you imagine if anyone else in public office )a police officer or Civil Servant, say) had said the things he’s said in the past…..?? They would get sacked instantly….and we know it.

    How come Fabricant gets away with it? Are Lichfield voters seriously this thick, to tolerate an imbecile like this? It must be mass Stockholm Syndrome….the more offensive and vile he is – the more Lichfield voters love him…..

  8. Fabricant’s arrogance is absolutely outrageous. When I saw him in a town centre pub the night after he failed to turn up for the public meeting to keep the Friary swimming pool open ,his response was to tell me to ‘Go away ‘ in unprintable industrial language. I am not surprised by his latest behaviour, it’s the norm for him.

  9. If half the people in his area signed a petition for a vote of no confidence the you can trigger a by election and then vote for David Robertson(Labour) to take his place.

  10. @Nodge – Thanks for that insight into what you think of ALL voters in Lichfield, as your comment was not specific to only conservative voters. To me that is reminiscent of a faux pas that you would expect from MF. Or did you actually mean that all voters in Lichfield are stupid?. Maybe you would like to apologise to everyone?

    Sometimes better to keep quiet and let people think you are stupid, rather than speak and confirm it. Before you get the hump at this stupid Lichfield voter it wasnt aimed at your supperior intelligence Nodge :-)

  11. @PO – it’s spelled ‘superior’, not ‘supperior’. I suppose it’s “better to keep quiet and let people think you are stupid, rather than speak and confirm it”.

  12. The MP can’t be removed for this, he hasn’t broken Parliamentary rules.
    He has however, shamed Lichfield & Burntwood and can still apologise and agree to meet with F2F.
    The Tory Cllrs can still publicly distance themselves from the comments.
    That’s what disappoints me most, I believe Fabricant can’t help himself on social media, he gets likes and whatever from a certain base and he craves that attention.
    But those local Cllrs who profess to care about disability, mental health, compassion for those less fortunate than themselves (I always believed they did), when it comes to it, all they do is stay silent and thus complicit with the silly sausage this area has elected time after time after time.

  13. If you dare disagree you will be completely shot down by the virtual signallers and aggressive bullies who are determined to have their say and get their way. The hate on this topic is so negative and far worse than the tweet that has caused all the furore. It seems those who are anti Conservative will stop at nothing. Why do you think you can hurl abuse? Is that not what you are complaining about? Do only disabled people matter and deserve your consideration and respect? Please think about what you are doing and the damage it causes. I have a daughter with Downs syndrome and I feel so lucky that me and my family are so well cared for. I would never have known about this tweet and now feel it has been deliberately escalated on this site and used for a political agenda.

  14. @Live your Life, I would feel the same whatever party an MP came from. It just so happens this one is Fabricant and nobody apart from a couple of his Twitter friends find it amusing.
    I have absolutely no doubt that you’d have a different opinion if he wasn’t a Tory.
    To me it’s about using ignorant, upsetting language which doesn’t belong in modern society and then saying sorry when you know that it’s offended.
    If you think that what he tweeted is ok and not a slur against disabled people then that’s for you to own, I don’t think people in public office should be so offensive.
    Fabricant should just apologise and meet with the group as they’ve offered for him to do, they themselves feel that way and it’s about him saying sorry.

  15. I used to come on LL to obtain news for local issues. Now I’m leaving it because I’ve never seen so much abuse. Most of you are just hate MF and to be honest a lot of you say and act just like him!!
    What’s the matter with people?
    Live Your Life you are completely right

    Bye Bye

  16. Sorry PO, I should have been more specific for the thickos who can’t connect the dots. Only the ones who continually vote for Fabricant are thick. The others have some degree of intelligence. Especially those who vote Green.

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