Advantage House
Advantage House

A local networking group for businesswomen is resuming in-person events next week.

The Lichfield Women In Networking gathering will take place at Advantage House on Stowe Street from 10am to midday on 22nd October.

One of the hosts, Ann Schwarzenbach, said:

“Our meetings are friendly and supportive – we will be looking back over the past 18 months and deciding the themes for our future meetings.

“Women who are looking at starting a business are also very welcome to attend, as they will get lots of advice from the rest of the group.”

Ann Schwarzenbach

It costs £10 to attend. For more details and to book visit the event Facebook page.

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  1. I struggle with “male only”, “female only” things such as this. If equality, inclusion and cohesion are important (and they clearly are), why do we need something like this, that seems to only be aimed at women? If there was a specific male only version, there would, quite rightly, be an uproar. How is this any different??

  2. @Josh see also: Round Table, the male-only social group. Unsurprisingly they’re struggling to maintain a membership, probably due to the toxic masculinity of such a gender-exclusive club.

  3. Josh, I totally agree with you. Sexism is a bit like racism, it only works one way. If anything was advertised as male only there would be a huge outcry.

  4. Hey Josh

    I totally understand what you mean. I don’t like being known as a female ambassador for women in my industry and fight that idea.

    However when men walk into my business and ask for the “male” boss, there is still the element of discrimination against females in business in general . Just last month I had a real estate agent that kept demanding to speak to my male business partner.

    It’s really quite frustrating! It happens all too frequently, and is a joke. So we really aren’t quite on an equal footing yet and quite a way to go.

  5. I’m amazed that the Round Table has two distinct clubs, one for males and the other, for females. I mean, really?? Why? For what purpose?

  6. Debs, that’s appalling. I’m not sure I’d react in a particularly calm manner if that happened to me. I completely agree – women are not as equal as they should be, and it’s a long struggle ahead, but one I’ll champion as much as I can.

    I wonder how much these “women’s business meetings” and “male only clubs” contribute to the discrimination though?? Surely the more both parties work and meet together on a level playing field, the sooner we move past these ridiculous, outdated views.

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