Plans to demolish an empty Lichfield pub to make way for housing have been approved.

The Windmill pub site. Picture: Google Streetview

Developers hope to build 12 three bedroom properties on the Windmill site on Grange Lane.

It is the third time planning permission has been granted for the site to be used as housing with previous applications in 2014 and 2018.

A planning report from Lichfield District Council said:

“The scheme would bring forward 12 dwellings of a size encouraged by the development plan on this site without causing material harm to the amenity of existing residents, highway safety, the visual amenities of the area, biodiversity or any other material planning issue.”

Lichfield District Council planning report

Full details of the scheme can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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  1. Why has there been 3 applications for building houses on this site when approval was given in 2014 ? Do they keep increasing the number of houses every time they apply ? At least the value of the land has vastly increased during all this time meaning MORE profits for the developer !!! In the meantime residents have to put up with the unsightly mess for longer ?

  2. I agree , where are these people going to Dr’s or Dentists ? I am having problems understanding this as, even pre- pandemic it was starting to get difficult , what now ? I am baffled

  3. It could be worse. It could be yet ANOTHER retirement development here, and there would be more than 12 ‘apartments’ on that bit of land. Heaven forbid.
    Let’s see some ‘starter’ homes built for the young people of this town please.

  4. Yes, starter homes so the younger generation, especially for those who don’t have their own transport, can easily get to shops & other facilities.

  5. More housing and no infastructure ,where are schools,drs dentists etc. No more housing as roads are not coping either. Have we got any planners capable of planning?

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