Political figures across Lichfield and Burntwood have spoken of their shock following the death of an MP.

Sir David Amess MP

Sir David Amess was stabbed and killed yesterday (15th October) while holding an advice surgery in Leigh-on-Sea.

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said his Conservative colleague was “a lovely man”.

“The murder of Sir David Amess at one of his surgeries has shocked us all – and shock must have been the very motive of David’s killer.

“Everyone has talked about what a lovely man David was and that really was the case. He was a friend of mine so the sadness off his loss is particularly poignant for me.

“He cared passionately about animal welfare and his desire for his town of Southend to be named a city which was backed by his local town council. I believe ‘The City of Southend’ would be a fitting memorial for David.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Mr Fabricant said that while measures now needed to be taken to keep MPs safe, it was important they did not become remote from constituents in the wake of this incident.

“No MP can be completely safe unless we cut ourselves off completely from our community.  That would be highly undesirable and wrong. 

“But I do believe that it is safer for MPs to conduct their surgeries by appointment – like seeing a GP – rather than publicising in advance a venue and its location with anyone being able to walk in off the street. 

“This is what the police prefer and most MPs already conduct their surgeries in this way, but sadly, not all.

“The security services, Home Office, and the Office of Speaker of the House of Commons are all conducting reviews into the security of MPs.

“I hope that their findings do not prevent the close contact between MPs and the electorate they serve, but will provide additional security.”

Michael Fabricant MP

“It is simply awful”

Councillors across Lichfield and Burntwood have also spoken out following the death of Sir David.

Cllr Rob Birch, a member of Lichfield District Council and Burntwood Town Council, said the incident was “terrible” an “attack on the MP and on our democracy”

Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of Lichfield District Council, said:

“I feel sick to the bone hearing how Sir David was murdered while serving his constituents.

“My thoughts are with his loved ones and friends.”

Cllr Doug Pullen, Lichfield District Council

Cllr Paul Ray added:

“What a tragic and shocking waste of a life. It is simply awful.”

Cllr Paul Ray, Lichfield District Council

Burntwood Town Council leader Cllr Sue Woodward said it was “terrible, terrible news”, while said Sir David’s death was “so, so sad”.

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  1. This is so so terrible and I was very upset to hear of this.
    I have often come across Sir David in Animal Welfare issues and he seemed like a genuinely nice person.
    I don’t share his political views however, I respect people’s right to have differing views, that’s democracy.

  2. @Kitty… I totally endorse your sentiments and the death of a good public servant in these circumstances is despicable.
    There is, however, another element to the situation. Most are able to make a distinction between their politics and their religion. When the religion becomes their politics that engenders the possibility of fanaticism which we see all to often. This is not the time or place for such a discussion but it seems likely that it has played a part in the death of an innocent man.

  3. An utterly shocking and senseless act. No ideology can ever justify violence.
    Michael Fabricant is quite right that “The City of Southend” would be a fitting tribute to Sir David Amess.

  4. It is a shame that the qualities of caring for others, sincerity and having a moral compass shown by Sir Amess are not shared by Fabricant. As example, Sir David voted against the reduction in overseas aid as he saw it as a way to help others help themselves. Make a note Fabbo.

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