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Residents say they were left “trapped” in their homes because of roadworks in Lichfield over the weekend.

Closures on the A38 for HS2 preparatory works saw southbound traffic diverted through Wood End Lane in Fradley.

A number of residents told Lichfield Live that the diversion route had led to lengthy delays along Watery Lane and Eastern Avenue as vehicles attempted to get off and back on to the A38 past the works at Streethay.

One resident living on Watery Lane said the disruption and delays were unacceptable.

“With both southbound lanes closed at Hilliards Cross all traffic was diverted along Wood End Lane towards the A515.

“However, this has led to many drivers turning into Watery Lane, leading to huge queues along the length of the road.

“There were also a number of HGVs that got as far as the railway bridge before causing even more chaos as they tried to turn around and return back to Wood End Lane.

“We are told this is the first of eight consecutive weekend closures on the southbound A38 where this diversion will be in place.”

Watery Lane resident

Another resident said:

“We’ve effectively been trapped in our homes all weekend, unable to travel in any direction because of queues.

“There surely has to be greater enforcement and management to ensure drivers aren’t taking unsuitable routes or clogging up existing routes to such an extent?

“This cannot be allowed to happen every time they need to work on the A38 while they’re building HS2.”

A community speedwatch group in Armitage and Handsacre also reported a significant increase in vehicles heading through the area as a result of the diversions.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in traffic and HGVs. What’s the point of diversion road signs when drivers ignore them?

“We are a 7.5ton weight-restricted village, but HGVs have caused a safety risk thanks to the HS2 works.

“It needs action now.”

Armitage and Handsacre Community Speedwatch spokesperson

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  1. Where is Janet England when all this is going on. Didn’t she say she was going to sort this all out when it was local council elections??

  2. @Darren would that be the same Janet Eagland that promised to pay for highway safety barriers outside of Streethay School? Or maybe the same Councillor who promised to sort out the traffic issues in Streethay ..

    Ah but then that was election time wasn’t it! needed our votes then to secure a cushy position on the council.. My bad should have realised that promises are made when fear of losing ones seat at the elections . Once elected you can go back into hiding

    Anyone fancy a game of Where’s Janet ? in fact a general game of where are the Councillors Of Streethay?

    Police say last seen in May 2021 anyone with the known whereabouts of the Streethay Councillors please contact Staffordshire Police using crime Ref: MissingSinceElected

    Or via Crimestoppers if your a serving Councillor wanting to update electors on your location to re-assure the public that all is safe and well and your expenses are secure..

  3. I would love to know who telling palletways and other big haulage companies to use netherstowe Lane past Curborough sprint course in the middle of the night.

  4. I predicted this problem about 1 year ago, and it will get worse as the A5, A38, A51 and A515 will be closed for work as the route of HS2 cuts right across them. The roads may all be closed roughly at the same time, so the poor residents in these areas
    are having to cope with all the disruption.

  5. Janet Eagland also said the A5127 would be weight restricted once the bypass completed. A proactive councillor would provide an update on this but she’s gone missing as usual!

  6. What about the poor souls trying to run businesses at Curborough as well, total nightmare! The highways agency needs to put signs at WAtery lane that it’s NOT a suitable diversion.

  7. We all know what to do when voting comes around again, don’t vote for her. She promises the world to you and then take it away once elected. Loved the comments Mr.T

  8. Kings Bromley Is just getting absolutely battered by speeding HGVs that are being re directed from the A38. This is a joke.

  9. Hilarious to read comments from people who voted for the Tory party and expected them to come good on their election promises!

  10. Just another load off moaning people have you ever thought to say thank you for the chance to live in and around a beautiful city

  11. Black Country Boy….who would we thank, exactly?

    You see how this works is, a local story is written, and then people get the chance to discuss it. It’s really not a difficult concept….

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