Plans for a new allotment site in Burntwood will be discussed by councillors next week.

Land off Stables Way will be put forward to of members Burntwood Town Council’s overview and scrutiny committee.

The authority has previously asked people who would be interested in taking on an allotment to come forward.

A report to the meeting of the committee said:

“Based on the information provided in the expression of interest it is assumed that the site would need to provide a minimum of 12 plots.

“Ideally, the site would be located in the western part of the town.

“An investigation of land in public ownership identified the Church Street public open space as a possible site, however unfortunately Lichfield District Council has withdrawn the initial support it gave for this site.

“An alternative site has since been identified. It is an area of grazing land off Stables Way that is also in the ownership of Lichfield District Council.

“The site will need to be secured against deer and a proper access provided along with car parking.”

Burntwood Town Council report

Although the consultation found a need for 12 plots, councillors will be asked to consider whether national averages should be followed – a move which would mean between 98 and 441 plots required for the size of Burntwood’s population.

“The town council does need to give thought to whether it wishes to comply with recognised standards of provision which would require the provision of a much larger site.

“Alternatively, unless allotments are effectively promoted to the community to ensure that there is a widespread awareness of the benefits that allotments can provide, the town council will not be able to accurately identify any latent demand.”

Burntwood Town Council report

The report will be discussed at the meeting on 26th October.

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  1. I never received any information about allotments being considered in Burntwood. I would definitely be interested.

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