Julian Fisher
Julian Fisher

A new video has been produced to highlight the work of We Love Lichfield.

The film has been produced by local public relations firm Townhouse Communications for free in a bid to showcase how the fund works and the impact of the grants on local groups.

It is hoped that the video – which includes corporate supporters David Lloyd Lichfield and Burntwood grant recipient Spark Community Cafe – will help attract new sponsors.

Julian Fisher, director of Townhouse Communications said:

“I’ve been a supporter and advisor of We Love Lichfield for many years. Its work is outstanding, raising funds to distribute grants to voluntary groups across the district.

“We generated its website and other marketing collateral but felt the fund needed a video in particular to help it attract new supporters and sponsors.  

“A huge thanks to David Lloyd Lichfield for being part of the video. Also, everyone at Spark Café Burntwood who have received multiple grants from We Love Lichfield and do a superb job helping families across the Burntwood area.

“Through the video potential recipients will have information so that they can apply. Also potential sponsors and supporters will see the difference the fund makes across the district and hopefully come forward to help.”

Julian Fisher, Townhouse Communications

We Love Lichfield provides small grants of up to £1,000 to organisations and projects across the Lichfield and Burntwood area.

The money is generated by donations from companies and individuals that are invested through a permanent endowment fund by registered charity The Community Foundation For Staffordshire. The interest and dividends earned on the invested money is then distributed as small grants 

Simon Price, patron of We Love Lichfield, said:

“The video really brings what we do to life.

“It’s great to have a video that the team can send to people and businesses simply explaining what the charity does and how it helps.

“A huge thanks to Julian and the Townhouse team.”

Simon Price, We Love Lichfield

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  1. “We love Lichfield” if they loved it so much,why don’t they do something to stop it being ruined,it was a nice place to live,all it is now is a huge housing estate

  2. @Chris… You are quite right, but why has our council taken that course? They surely understand what they have been doing. Local councils are for local people and the local people do not understand their actions. It is a kind of corporate vandalism. They won’t listen. Just who are they representing? They even use covert language pretending a road is a “Bypass” when it is clearly access for a new large housing estate. They are not public servants and should be ashamed.

  3. @ Chris and Philip. Last time I looked this article and video was about the “We Love Lichfield” fund through the Community Foundation For Staffordshire. It’s not about Lichfield District Council, but hey, let’s not pass up another opportunity to complain about them eh?

  4. @Asellus aquaticus… Technically correct but it is provocative to see the notion “We Love Lichfield” when all around we have less to love. And yes I am very disappointed at what is happening on our shift.
    Anyway, it does not seem by the response to this article that it is influencing anyone.

  5. @Philip, so if I understand you correctly, the most appropriate response to an article celebrating the fact that local businesses are supporting Spark Café Burntwood to help families across the Burntwood area (which is a really nice piece of news, thank you) is to complain about the amount of housebuilding and how rubbish the local council is.

    I’m not keen on all the housebuilding either, but the relentless and unremitting negativity of commenters on Lichfield Live, and their ability to complain about how awful it is to live here on any article which makes some sort of reference to “Lichfield” is just as depressing.

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