Bikers are being urged to be on their guard after an attempted theft of motorcycles in Lichfield.

The incidents happened on Waterloo Croft overnight between 18th and 19th October.

PCSO Rosie Sawyers, from Staffordshire Police, said:

“Please ensure your bikes, vehicles and properties are locked and secure and where possible ensure they are kept in garages or out of sight.

“If you capture anything or see anything that you deem to be suspicious please do not hesitate to contact us on 101 or via 999 in an emergency.”

PCSO Rosie Sawyers, Staffordshire Police

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  1. So much crime around Lichfield now. I have a bike but don’t have a garage, or even a drive. No way of protecting my property. It’s chained and disk locked at both ends but a battery powered grinder or similar device would get through even the toughest chains in a few minutes.
    Even if I catch someone in the act of stealing my bike, I can’t use force to stop them because then I would get presecuted as a violent criminal. I could call 101 or 999 and wait about 35 minutes for someone to get to me and say “they went that way” but to what end? Police will just turn up to give me a crime number so I can claim on insurance, which will put me off the road for months.
    Criminals suck. Police suck. This world sucks. Starting to root for nuclear annihilation

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