A report has recommended a new development of 520 homes on land in Lichfield is given the go-ahead.

The land at Cricket Lane. Picture: Google Streetview

Objections to the proposals for the site off Cricket Lane have been raised by local residents, while Lichfield City Council also questioned the number of properties planned after it rose from the 450 outlined in the Local Plan.

Concerns were also highlighted over the impact of additional traffic on roads in the area.

But a report said measures would be taken.

“As part of mitigating the impact of the development, off-site highway improvements are proposed to several junctions and areas including the A5206 London Road/Cricket Lane/Knowle Lane junction by signalising it which will provide pedestrian crossing facilities.

“The development will also deliver a scheme to improve safety at the A51 Tamworth Road/Cricket Lane junction.

“The works include building out the eastern side of Cricket Lane to encourage slower entry speeds and extending the 30mph speed limit on the A51 by around 300m.”

Report to Lichfield District Council’s planning committee

A decision on whether to approve the development will be made at a meeting of Lichfield District Council’s planning committee on 1st November.

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  1. Okay we’re all aware of the need for new housing stock but surely a holistic approach is needed. Who are these houses intended for and where will these residents work? Surely with the challenges of climate change housing should be built where employment exists and it’s needed, cutting the carbon footprint from commuting! On a local environmental note please give Lichfield a respite from the onward march to urbanise. A balance needs to be struck between new housing, the environment and quality of life for existing Lichfield residents.
    I call on all councillors regardless of faction and our MP to canvas ALL of the community and do what Lichfield residents whish not the developers?

  2. Who wrote this report?
    If the plan was 450 and now someone wants to build 520 then reject the proposal. Someone is taking the p**s and rejecting the demand to build more than agreed will serve as precedent when others try the same in future.
    Implement the speed limit change even if nothing is built. Make Cricket Lane 30 as well. Neither stretch of road is long enough that lowering the limit to 30 is going to add any significant time to how a journey along them and both are residential.

  3. No more houses! Can we have a local referendum on this ridiculous local plan that’s ruining this area? This is our area, why don’t we have any say in all this?

  4. Yet more houses in Lichfield and all the objections are about traffic! What about affordable houses for young Lichfeldians? What about more schools, nurseries, doctors’s surgeries? If Lichfield’s population increases, how about an equal increase in facilities to match?

  5. So yet more featureless ghetto housing estates for poor old Lichfield. That will do wonders for the current gridlock of traffic plaguing the City, oversubscribed doctors, schools, pot holes not to mention destruction of green land. We all look forward to Lichfield joining up with Bham. When will this ever stop and as other comments mention it is the people who live here who should have the final say not the council and big developers who are no doubt scratching each other’s backs . Someone must have the power to stand up for the existing people of Lichfield and say NO MORE BUILDING ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

  6. Lichfield’s infrastructure cannot cope with the number of properties as it stands now. Surgeries, schools are bursting at the seams. Traffic congestion is a joke. There is a lack of affordable housing. Planners in conjunction with developers don’t care about the impact on the Community.

  7. Please can we stop building more and more houses in an area which is already becoming saturated. Give us a referendum as suggested by an earlier contributor

  8. The site off Cricket Lane is over 96 acres. It is the size of a large village. The access to the site is by two inroads from cricket lane only. Traffic on that and connecting roads will be horrific. There are no real amenities that actually cost the developers any real money. Two play areas that require furnishing by the council. Two football pitches are shown close up to the A38 expressway. Air quality will be an issue, as will the retrieval of stray balls. The commercial area does not yet have an agreed access road. No shops, no school, no doctors.
    Together with the development along the new “Southern Bypass” and Knowle Lane and the other allocated building areas this represents a real potential threat to the quality of life, not only in this area but in the whole of Lichfield.
    This is ill considered over development. Our council should refuse it as excessive and detrimental to the Cities good. Even if it goes to government appeal it would at least demonstrate that the council has some regard for their office and the city they purport to represent.
    Please look at the site plan in the planning section of the councils website. It looks like Legoland!

  9. I don’t believe the Council have looked at the bigger picture for Lichfield. The centre is now surrounded by large housing developments with no thought given to amenities such as schools and surgeries. Even less thought has been given to traffic flow through Lichfield even with the bypass.

  10. Has there been any research on how many school spaces are available in Lichfield?

    I know my children’s school, appears to be at bursting point. Speaking to friends, their children’s schools are the same.

    We seem to be at a point where the demand will hugely outstrip the available spaces.

  11. What about medical facilities? We need additional GP surgery as it is without another 500 families. AND they need to be sited in the new developments to reduce the amount of traffic entering the city centre.

    Facilities where the demand is, how is that so difficult?

  12. I think there is a resurgence of negativity in the comments because because at this point in time Lichfield has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think new housing estates are going to be part of that transformation which must take place. Lichfield is not going to be the monolithic society it once were in the last century. New housing estates are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Lichfield to make. We are now going into a multicultural mode and council and developers will be resented because of their leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Lichfield will not survive.

  13. No more houses or developments, enough is enough. Just focus on the city centre upgrade to make it a lovely place to shop and dine in quality establishments.

  14. Another vanity project for Ian Eadie. This council is absolutely decimating Lichfield. I’m so glad I’m leaving – leaving because of what they’re doing to my lovely city.

    They are a disgrace.

  15. Come on LDC. Let’s see a refusal on 1st November when this Application comes to the fore. Enough is Enough. NO more Housing development.

  16. I grew up in Lichfield in the 80s and I barely recognise the place now.

    The once lovely countryside around it has been bulldozed and replaced with tens of thousands of ‘little boxes made of ticky tack’, and congestion around the City is awful. To cap it all, the area is now suffering from the development of HS2.

    While developers have been rapidly building houses, service provision has been largely ignored and the City suffers from a lack of GPs and school places etc.

    Why local people continue to put up with all this, I don’t know. The council and the long-standing MP Michael Fabricant are all guilty of ripping the City apart and so I’m surprised that any of them are still in office.

  17. #Barbara, as there are few people from ethnic minorities living in Lichfield the city is not multicultural because it is predominately white middle class and that won’t change even with all the new and very expensive houses being built, but Lichfield will survive with or without.

  18. @Barbara.. What you say is wrong and a false proposition. People cannot have multiculturalism forced upon them. If you go to big cities they are not integrated cultures they are mainly self generated single cultures within an area. To keep playing the xenophobic card is pathetic.
    Your topic diminishes the critical issue of the consequences of over development.

  19. Are they even planning any renewable energy on these houses if we can’t get them to fit heat pumps on new builds what chance have we got of reaching carbon neutral

  20. Lichfield has 20 years left in it mark my words ive recently moved from Birmingham how it will change most parts of Birmingham not safe to go out at night !! Utter madness

  21. We are ready to give up. We cannot see where all this housebuilding will end. We will soon be joined up with Walsall, Burton, Chase Disttict and Birmingham at Suttob Coldfield (look what happened to them!) Every council is the same. Bear in mind that the council get around £1000 off the developer for every house they build. There’s a clue. L.D.C. have really lost the plot. A city with no entertainment or leisure facilities worth speaking of and an ever pressurised infrastructure. We don’t even have our own postcode, we have to use WS but that might become a B before long.

  22. Yeah right multiculturalism has really work. Their are parts of Birmingham where you can’t walk through. I got family living in Birmingham who are desperate to get out.

  23. As we are now able to attend the planning meeting as a member of the public, perhaps a show of numbers at these meeting will enforce our objection to all these planning applications that appear to be nodded through

  24. I’m lossed for words !
    I moved here in1985 to purchase a house with my husband to be . I was more than happy with my Doctors , we went on to have a daughter who had an excellent education but now, every tine i leave lichfield i come back to yet more houses.
    Where are the Doctors and Dentists, the schools ect….
    It took my husband and I 40 mins to get out of Lichfield on Sat 23rd .
    It is with regret, we ate now looking at leaving Lichfield .
    My husband has lived here for 60yrs , me for 36yrs , with great regret !

  25. I agree with all comments and live on the South side which continues to be a nightmare with ever increasing demand and traffic and no infrastructure to properly support it. In addition to all said, LDC have probably already given the go because of how much more revenue it stands to make in Council Tax. At around 1750 houses built across the three evelopment sites and average band D rate – 30% welfare stock; per year they will receive circa £2.3m in net income / every 12 months

  26. I trust that all of the proposed newbuild houses for the Cricket Lane area will be triple glazed,have solar panels for water heating and electricity production and heat exchange pumps as well as maximum insulation as a statutory requirement……………………..I think not ,but am ready to be pleasantly surprised.

  27. We need a local referendum on this Local Plan now! It is our area we should decide what happens to it. Everybody who is concerned about the scale of housing development should vote for an independent at the next election. None of the main parties are trustworthy. Even better stand for election yourself. I’ll vote for anyone committed to stopping this.

  28. I tried the new bypass over the weekend, I couldn’t believe the amount of houses to the left hand side travelling away from Lichfield.

    Realised that the closest railway station for Birmingham travel will probably be Shenstone, which says it all.

    PS. Sorry Shenstone for highlighting that.

  29. Interested to know where the children from the new builds will go to high school. Will Shenstone still be part of King Edward’s school catchment area, for example?

  30. I’ve lived in Lichfield since 1974 (before Boley Park), I remember my parents complaining about the scale of that development, little has changed. Interesting the population of England then was roughly 55m, its now roughly 68m and according to ONS like to be over 75m by 2040. You can see why there is so much desire to build and build.
    Once the work starts on the Langley development at Minworth (6,000 houses from Asda Minworth to M6toll) that will only place further demands on local roads and infrastructure and whilst not likely to happen in my lifetime will be the catalyst for developing even more land between Lichfield and Birmingham.
    Nobody wants the level of housing completed or proposed for Lichfield and the surrounding area, but until population growth discussions are taken seriously we wont get out of this vicious circle.

  31. @Alex DeLarge – I think the closest railway station is still Lichfield City. The proposed development is directly north of the A38/Swinfen interchange roundabout

  32. What about the tireless reconstruction of the Lichfield & Hatherton canal, (one of the few authentic parts of the City’s Historic assets), and the destruction of it’s setting on the southern edge of Tamworth Rd by this ever expanding plan for more houses?
    There is absolutely nowhere left to walk away from traffic in this area now the Darwin Walk has been desecrated by the ‘Southern Bypass’ and it’s associated housing development. Part of the Bypass buried the original route of the canal, just imagine this amenity without cars & lorries roaring past, and all the streetlights removed.
    Now the setting of the Borrowcop Locks Canal Park, with it’s rural outlook will be obliterated. With real foresight and support this restoration could have been a beautiful asset for the City and a wildlife haven with views across the countryside, this ambition is clearly stated in the Canal Trust’s website. The creation of a new ‘Greenway’ on the old railway line is a great idea, but we’re in a position where our District & County Councils are squandering the beauty and history we already have! The over development of this area is a serious risk to our existing community.

  33. @Asellus – Yep, I know where it is, unfortunately not too far from me as it happens.

    I was referring to the gigantic sprawl being constructed alongside the new bypass and beyond the island, it is the first time I’ve been past and I was shocked by the size. Apologies if I’ve confused things, one huge estate is pretty much the same as another to me.

    It is slightly closer to Lichfield City but there isn’t much in it and I’d bet Shenstone will be easier to drive to, in fact why not go a little further to Blake Street where you will be in the West Midlands travel zone? Just sayin’ like.

  34. This is the final straw for me, Lichfield needs to attract a younger demographic, forward-thinking, green economy, infrastructure to support that but this is ridiculous.
    Please, Cllrs, reject this plan or else see this unique City with its heritage and history just become another suburb of a larger city in the Midlands.
    Lichfield residents – You get what you vote for, please, stop voting for these clowns, they don’t have our interests at heart.

  35. Will our councillors be able to look back with pride at how they have devalued a once noble city? They act less like a council for the people and more like a chamber of commerce for business interests.
    As for the electorate who keep voting these predators into office then, if there is anything to be learned from history it is that it has taught us nothing.

  36. We desperately need suitable and affordable homes for our local young families but building all these new unaffordable homes on these estates are driving the housing prices up and our local families can’t afford them. They should be building smaller sites with amenities for our local families to help them stay here and keep Lichfield from becoming like every other over crowded, under resourced and greenbelt gobbling city just to expand the city council’s coffers. It makes my blood boil. Look after the people who already live and try to work in this lovely place. Don’t ruin it!!!

  37. @Simon…. If you haven’t already noticed, people come on here to moan. Actually doing anything about what they’re moaning about is the last thing on their minds.

  38. @Amused Bystander, I had noticed. I was just hoping there might be a few like me who wanted to take some kind of action. It seems not, and I guess the same old faces will be elected at the next vote too. But keep moaning people, see what changes!

  39. I would protest in Market Square, why doesn’t this get organised properly, then there would be traction?
    It’s all very well to say people come on this site to moan but for some, it’s a way to raise their voice…the only way…
    Most people here think Lichfield is being irreversibly ruined by continuous building on precious land, HS2 behemoth not helping either.
    Bet the new builds aren’t future proofed either…they can ring the bells till the end of time, with this greenfield build mentality of the current council, we’re going the wrong way.

  40. See you both at the planning meeting. Six pm on monday the first of November. I feel sure you are both as good as your word and would want to stand up and be counted.

  41. What is a the matter with the planning department rubber stamping everything that lands on their desk. We don’t need anymore houses we don’t have the road to cope with them. Now the road is nearly finished at the shell garage it is just a short cut to Walsall it is a not addressing the problem into town centre. People who do use the buses to help the environment would find an illuminated timetable very useful but that would be helping people. Let’s have a shake up in the council and get staff in who have common sense. As for not being in keeping of Lichfield what about the monstrosity being built at greenhill with half a roof it that in keeping of Lichfield I think not. Please council get your act together before any more damage is done.

  42. Kitty, What’s stopping you from organising it? I was always told if you want something doing, do it yourself.

  43. Well amuse bouche or whatever, I responded to Simon so let’s see what he comes up with first?
    Your comment reminds me of the sort who say ‘house an immigrant’ when you don’t hate immigrants but want to support them…throw it back to the supporter in a very poor attempt at deflection.
    Doesn’t work, if Simon feels so strongly he can sort a protest and we can take it from there can’t we.

  44. There is a cross interest between two of these articles.
    House building, all be it excessively, and pollution.
    Will the council give assurance that any new build in their area will comply with co2 emission and insulation? That the boilers are not gas fired and the windows are triple glazed. That wall and loft insulation meet highest standards?
    Every time these necessities are mentioned there is a deadly silence. Can we have Lichfield District Council policy on this issue and an explanation for them?
    I rather suspect they do not want to burden the house building industry with the extra cost. Not in any way is this in the public interest. Comments please Mr. Pullen.

  45. I take the point about protests. It is a fact that in many countries if a company or public body did something that a lot of people disagreed with, it would prompt direct action and protests. In this country a few people write strong letters, which are promptly ignored. As to what to protest about, where do we start?

  46. As a proviso to my last post, it is encouraging that the likes of Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain are raising the voice of protest after far too many years of silence from the masses. Unfortunately, many of their methods alienate people rather than getting them on board, so can be self-defeating. Their beef is with the government, not drivers on the M25.

  47. John Allen – We used to. Suffragettes, Chartists and Peterloo all show that we did.

    There was a time, post 1945, when governments worked for the benefit of the electorate. Calling dissenters the “Enemy within” hardly suggests consensus.

    Foreign-owned newspaper headlines calling the people “Traitors” shows that the rules have changed.

    Subjects or citizens?

  48. Philip – forward thinking when building new houses is bad for capitalism. If house builders are made to build new homes now with high insulation levels and heat pump heating systems and soar panels it won’t add a big percentage to the sale price, but it will mean that in 20 years time no one will be able to charge the then owners far more than it would have added to the sale price to retrofit more insulation (if that’s even possible), or put solar panels in the roof and wire all that in, or take out the gas heating to replace it with something else. Think about the profit margins of the house builders, Philip. That’s what really matters now. They need to get as many houses as they can on to the available land as cheaply as possible. How to deal with stuff like gas being so expensive the average person can barely afford it or simply unavailable, or colder winters and hotter summers, are issue that can be thought about once they are impacting everyone’s day to day quality of life.

  49. All new houses wherever they are should be triple glazed, have solar panels or solar tiles for electricity production and heat exchange pumps as well as maximum insulation as a statutory requirement. Now is the time to act on this! Plans should not be passed without these necessary requirements. We should be building for the future. The house builders should not `get away` with building properties without these requirements.

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