Food businesses in Lichfield and Burntwood are being urged to ensure they are complying with new food labelling laws.

The changes require businesses to label all food with a full list of ingredients, with any of the 14 major allergens emphasised.

The law was introduced following the death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse who died after eating a pre-packaged baguette that at the time did not require ingredients labelling.

Staffordshire County Council’s Trading Standards service is working with businesses and retailers to ensure they are aware and complying with the new rules.

Cllr Victoria Wilson said:

“This is an important law that will hopefully provide another level of protection for those people with severe food allergies.

“Our trading standards officers are working closely with food businesses in these early stages to ensure they fully understand the allergen labelling changes and are compliant in delivering them.

“Sadly we’ve had several incidents in Staffordshire where people have ended up in hospital as a result of being served food that has given them a severe reaction.

“Our job is to help keep people safe and I would urge all food retailers to take all the necessary steps to ensure their customers are made fully aware of the ingredients within the food products they offer.”

Cllr Victoria Wilson, Staffordshire County Council

The type of food which will now need full labelling includes prepacked food such as sandwiches, salads and fast food.

Emily Miles, chief executive at the Food Standards Agency, said:

“If these changes drive down the number of hospital admissions caused by food allergies, which has tripled over the last 30 years, and prevent further tragic deaths such as Natasha’s, that can only be a positive thing.

“I understand how difficult the past 18 months have been for food businesses, and I am grateful for the effort that so many have made to prepare for the changes.”

Emily Miles, Food Standards Agency

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