The Spires care home
The Spires care home

Bosses at a Lichfield care home say they are “grateful” to have seen all staff and residents receive their coronavirus booster jabs.

Medics from Langton Medical Centre delivered the latest phase of the Covid-19 vaccination scheme at The Spires.

General manager Amy Doyle said the latest jabs were “vital” for the safety of staff and residents.

“We’ve all been through such a difficult time over the past 18 months, but the vaccine has been so important in helping us get our residents’ lives back on track.

“I am so proud of the team and how they have worked together and continue to do so and we are all so grateful to be prioritised to receive the booster vaccine first.

“We’re not completely back to normal yet but we know the booster vaccination is vital to help us keep everyone safe.”

Amy Doyle

Lorna Thompson, who works at The Spires added:

“We know that Covid isn’t over and we still need to be careful and follow the guidelines, but there is a huge sense of relief now that we have had our booster vaccinations.

“We know that this will help keep our residents safe and allow us to enjoy some trips and entertainment over the winter months.”

Lorna Thompson

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