Glen Tapper and James Blackman from Cocoonfxmedia
Glen Tapper and James Blackman from Cocoonfxmedia

Bosses at a Lichfield business are celebrating after becoming carbon neutral – and now hope to help clients do the same.

Digital design agency Cocoonfxmedia had set a target of becoming net zero by 2022.

But after activities such as planting more than 1,000 trees giving up company cars, switching to permanent home working and going paperless, the company has hit the achievement ahead of schedule.

The Cocoonfxmedia team has now developed a carbon calculator to help logistics companies work out their CO2 emissions, while the company is also helping customers become carbon neutral through an offer to donate more trees.

Managing partner James Blackman said the company was proud of its carbon neutral pledge:

“We really wanted to put our money where our mouth is on this, with real action that directly helps the environment.

“Our web hosting is 100% carbon neutral as we only use an eco-friendly provider. This means all our clients who use us for web hosting have also have their carbon offset.

“We then needed a way to offset the rest of our online usage. We’ve planted more than 1000 trees so far, and are still planting a minimum of 36 new trees every month.

“The other activities just made sense, in terms of permanent remote working and becoming fully paperless.

“We feel it’s so important to take this seriously and not just view it as something that we still have 20 years to achieve. We need to take action now and while big businesses have a huge part to play, there’s also a lot of power in the collective action of all of us, whether an individual or small business.”

James Blackman, Cocoonfxmedia

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