Pupils from Fazeley Pre-School
Pupils from Fazeley Pre-School

A pre-school group has been boosted by a donation from the operator of the M6 Toll.

Midland Expressway Ltd handed over £1,000 to Fazeley Pre-School to fund a new gazebo and resources for an outdoor art area.

Paula Thompson, manager of Fazeley Pre-School, said:

“I am very grateful to Midland Expressway Ltd for their very generous donation of £1,000, which is a huge sum for us as a charity run pre-school.

“It will go a long way to buy some new equipment that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.”

Paula Thompson, Fazeley Pre-School

Shaun Brown, customer support administrator at Midland Expressway Ltd, nominated the group for the funding.

“It’s not only a privilege to work for the M6 Toll but an honour to champion them for this amazing donation.

“Fazeley Pre-School really need support and this funding will help better the education of our local children, being a father to one of the children I understand the difference this funding will make.”

Shaun Brown, Midland Expressway Ltd