An Alien Autumn by Neil Coley

A Lichfield author has switched his attention from books on local history to create his debut novel.

Neil Coley has previously published the likes of Lichfield Pubs, Secret Lichfield and A History of Lichfield in 25 Lives.

His new novel, Alien Autumn, retains some historical links but blends them with science fiction to create a story set in Victorian London.

Neil said:

“I have written a number of local history books about the area in which I live but I have always wanted to write a novel.

“I particularly wanted to see if it was possible to combine science fiction – one of my favourite genres – and historical fiction, as I am fascinated by the history of Victorian times.

An Alien Autumn will particularly appeal to those who enjoyed War of the Worlds by HG Wells.”

Neil Coley

The book is set in 1888 and sees Ashto and Asia land on Earth where they are on a mission to assess the potential of the planet to join a galactic federation.

Going undercover in Whitechapel, the two explorers pose as a married couple in order to secretly gather data about London’s inhabitants.

However, they quickly realise that the area is in turmoil over the bloody murders and mutilations of women by Jack the Ripper – and the duo quickly realise they need to help bring a killer to justice.

An Alien Autumn is published by Troubador tomorrow (28th October).