Lichfield Arts closed the L2F 2021 festival with another night of fine music featuring the singer-songwriter Gerry Colvin and the band Ranagri.

Gerry Colvin

The former gave an energetic and entertaining performance, with musical support coming from accordion player Trish Power, Lyndon Webb on guitar and double bassist Jerome Davies.

His set was largely folk, but he blended in elements of country rock and cajun.

Numbers ranged from the ballads I’ll Be Your Light and Tunnel to The Moon, to more upbeat pieces such as One More Week and the Man With The Watch.

Johnny Cash’s Shirt was a forensic look at the practice of buying rock star memorabilia. Set closer Watching the Feather’s Fall was a slow ballad, which allowed for the full extent of the band’s talents and their harmonic vocal blend to be heard.

Closing the night were Ranagri, who had a sound that blended many genres.


With a line up of woodwind, harp, percussion and guitar, and the vocals of Donal Rogers, the set came from throughout their four-album career and crossed many musical styles.

They started with The Medicine Show, an upbeat tale about modern politics, before moving on to the instrumental The Hare.

Tremors and High Germany were also well played, while The Strangler had a much bluesier arrangement than its recorded counterpart.

The energy levels lifted as the set went on. Never Look Back, Rhythm Takes You Back and You Can Do Better were all delivered with a strong sense of conviction, and their rhythmic and melodic contours were all well explored before the inevitable encore of Sad Song extolled the virtues of singing and togetherness.

A fine sentiment with which to end the evening, and the whole festival.

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