Tres Tres Cabaret

Devilish fun and decadence were in order at Tres Tres Cabaret at The Hub at St Mary’s.

A Halloween theme was adopted for the night, which involved burlesque as well as comedy, and a strongman act who was a danger to himself, the audience and kitchenware.

The event, hosted by Stage Door Johnny, was perhaps a little out of the ordinary for St Mary’s and Lichfield, but it was well attended with an enthusiastic audience, many of whom had dressed for Halloween.

A lot of thought had gone into the routines, with Sandy Sure’s characterisation of Skeletor from He-Man and Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice adding a menacing air to the dance and burlesque.

Demi Noire’s dance to Devil Woman – a heavy metal version of the song rather than Sir Cliff Richard’s somewhat anodyne version – also suited the grandeur of St Mary’s and the impressive lighting displays that were employed throughout the night.

The Mighty Moustache was also entertaining, his retro-themed character making light work of tricks that included crushing apples in the crook of his arm and bending frying pans with his bare hands.

This was a night of treats and quite a few impressive tricks.

The next Tres Tres Cabaret at the Hub is on 18th December.

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