A biker tries to get through a flooded section of road in Hammerwich
A biker tries to get through a flooded section of road in Hammerwich

A councillor is calling for more action to prevent flooding on roads in Hammerwich.

Recent wet weather saw a section of Hall Lane left under water.

Cllr Dave King, who represents the Triangle division on Hammerwich Parish Council, said locals had taken to trying to clear drains in the area themselves to ease the problem.

“Councillors share the concerns of residents whose homes are once again under threat due to lack of gully emptying.

“Flooding under the old railway bridge in Hammerwich is a perennial problem which often sees Hall Lane impassable.

“Local residents often ‘have a go’ at clearing the drains, but recently the problem is getting worse.

“Hammerwich Parish Council is currently seeking quotes to clear drains on Burntwood Road, Meerash Lane and several others that have been blocked for months.”

Cllr Dave King, Hammerwich Parish Council

Cllr David Williams, cabinet member for highways and transport at Staffordshire County Council, said crews had been working to prevent flooding.

He added that they were hoping to work with local landowners to tackle issues on some routes through Hammerwich.

“Our gully emptiers work across the entire highway network to maintain and inspecting over 180,000 gullies. Those on Hall Lane are due to be cleaned in the near future.

“We are aware that water from natural springs in the area can contribute to issues here during rainfall and we’re contacting third party landowners to clear private ditches which our gullies rely on to keep roads clear.

“Gullies in Burntwood Road were cleared earlier this year. While some follow-up work is required, we will continue to monitor local reports.

“Our highways crews will always prioritise those areas where private property is affected, or where flooding presents a hazard to the road user.

“Parish councils also have access to highway officers who will work closely with them to identify any problem areas.”

Cllr David Williams, Staffordshire County Council

Cllr Williams added that highways issues, such as flooding, can be reported at www.staffordshire.gov.uk.

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  1. So the gullies have been blocked for months, but are due to be emptied in the ‘near future’? I’m sure that’s a great relief to residents.

  2. After complaining about blocked gullies in local roads I was informed that they are cleaned every 3 years whether they needed it or not. They are still blocked and some have disappeared into the verges

  3. I believe that Cllr. Williams has been misinformed. I reported one particular blocked gulley in Burntwood Road in August 2020 and received an email in July of this year stating that Highways had not been able to coordinate resources to resolve the issue. There are 9 completely blocked gullies between the Ashmole Club and the junction with Pingle Lane. These have not been cleared for years in spite of numerous requests from residents and several are now almost invisible under grit and soil and even vegetation. There are no private ditches along Burntwood Road and it is the duty of Highways to remove rainwater falling on the road surfaces – which it is clearly not doing and therefore adding to the potential flood risk.

  4. What is the point of carrying out major works to alleviate the flooding at the railway bridge if the basics such as drain and gulley maintenance is not carried out?
    If it’s a local government budget issue then sort it, if an increase in council tax will enable the maintenance then so be it. If its lack of funding from central goverment then why is that and what are our MP’s doing apbout it?

  5. There is little benefit from emptying the gulleys if the pipes, between them, also in some cases blocked and full of rubbish, are not cleared.

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