An online fashion retailer has officially opened a new multi-million pound facility in Lichfield.

Michael Fabricant MP and Cllr Doug Pullen after cutting the ribbon at the new ASOS warehouse

ASOS will invest £90million in the fulfilment centre at Fradley Park, employing 2,000 people over the next three years.

The warehouse is one of four operated across the globe by the fashion business, with other locations at Barnsley, Berlin and Atlanta.

The ribbon was cut on the new site by Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant and the leader of Lichfield District Council, Cllr Doug Pullen.

Mat Dunn, chief operating officer at ASOS, said:

“We are thrilled to be celebrating the opening of our brand-new warehouse in Lichfield, which will support our ambitious international growth plans and bring a significant number of jobs to the area.

“Our choice of Lichfield reflects the skills and talent it has to offer and we’re looking forward to becoming part of the local community in the years ahead.”

Mat Dunn, ASOS

The company expects more than 30 million items to be shipped from the site in the first year, rising to 4.5 million items a week once the facility is operating at maximum capacity.

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said:

“Lichfield is ideal as a location for ASOS’ new global warehouse as it sits in the middle of the country and is well connected to our road system.

“But Lichfield is much more than that – it has a highly educated, well-motivated and skilled workforce so the district has attracted many hi-tech industries.

“I welcome ASOS to Fradley and wish them the very best for the future.”

Michael Fabricant MP

“We’re delighted ASOS selected this location”

ASOS has agreed a 15 year lease on the site. People wanting to find out more about job opportunities can email

Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of Lichfield District Council, said:

“It’s wonderful to be able to welcome ASOS to Lichfield – we’re delighted ASOS selected this location to support the next stage of its global growth.

“As well as creating local employment and supply chain opportunities, I know ASOS are keen to play an active role in our community and I look forward to working with them in the years ahead.

“We are ideally located for this type of facility with a skilled local workforce, excellent infrastructure and a high quality of life.”

Cllr Doug Pullen, Lichfield District Council

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  1. Given his recent waxing lyrical over local waterways I presume Fabs will be encouraging this new Fradley business to use the canal to ship their 4.5 million items each week thus enabling LDC to honour its Climate Emergency declaration. Otherwise folk might look at this and think the local Tories don’t give a t*ss about the pollution which that level of shipping will bring to local roads and that would never do, would it?

  2. The A 38 is probably the most dangerous road in the country. Adding more distribution depots which will make use of it will only make it worse

  3. No evidence here of any commitment, on a national or local level from government regarding tackling the climate change emergency then. And we also have to ask how many of these jobs are zero-hours contracts. I suspect quite a few…

  4. @John Palfreyman. The A38 is nowhere near the most dangerous road in the country. The top 10 list produced by the insurance industry (2020) is :-

    1. A5004 (Derbyshire) – 12km stretch between the A6 and A53.
    2. A3055 (Isle of Wight) – 49km stretch between the A3054 near Freshwater and A3054 in Ryde.
    3. A645 (Wakefield) – 9km stretch between the A638 and A639.
    4. A909 (Fife) – 14km stretch between the M90 and A921.
    5. A57 (Derbyshire/Sheffield/Tameside) – 37km stretch between the A628 and Sandy Gate
    6. A683 (Lancashire) – 24km stretch between the A65 and the A6.
    7. A290 (Kent) – 9km stretch between the A299 and the A28.
    8. A272 (Hampshire) – 31km stretch between the A30 and A3.
    9. A3054 (Isle of Wight) – 29km stretch between the A3055 near Freshwater and the A3055 in Ryde.
    10. A361 (Devon) – 23km stretch between the A377 and the A399.

  5. These 2,000 jobs will be part of a fast fashion industry that is totally unsustainable, producing shoddy, throwaway fashion at a huge cost to the environment. Quite simply they are a “price worth paying” if we are to tackle climate change. Either we care about the future of the planet or we don’t: and Michael Fabricant clearly doesn’t.

  6. @Claire Scholl

    Fabricant doesn’t give a toss about the environment. This is a man who’ll take taxis for short distances, and who recently went on record as saying he wouldn’t even consider an electric car, as he likes his turbo diesel too much (I’m not making this up….!!!)

    I mean, with people that in power – what chance does the environment have??

  7. @Shelly: Precisely. Fabricant recently retweeted an article that claimed “In the run-up to COP26 we have been deluged with sanctimonious propaganda about the need for us to do more to save the planet.” I haven’t heard ‘sanctimonious propaganda’, I’ve heard people who know their facts warning us that if we don’t act on climate change now, it will be too late to stop future generations suffering the consequences.

    It’s not just that Fabricant doesn’t care, he is actively undermining attempts to tackle climate change, including, as you point out, by his dismissive attitude to electric cars.

  8. Interesting that the Guardian has published a list of over thirty MPs who have business interests, usually as ‘advisors’, and all but two of them are Tories. I suspect this is the tip of the iceberg.

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