People in Lichfield and Burntwood are being urged not to wait to get their Covid booster jabs.

A vial of the COVID-19 vaccine. Picture: DoD/Lisa Ferdinando

The plea comes from Michael Fabricant MP who said residents should not waste their efforts on getting their first two vaccinations by missing out on the added protection of the third.

His comments come as figures reveal that more than 1.5million people across the Midlands have now had the booster.

“It is vital as winter approaches that everyone now eligible for a Covid booster jab gets it as the previous two jabs wear off after about six months.

“Covid is still a killer and not getting the third jab would now would mean you have wasted the effort in getting the first two vaccinations.

“It’s great that people have received a booster dose which will offer life-saving protection to them and their loved ones this winter.

“I would urge anyone who is eligible and hasn’t yet come forward to get a booster jab as soon as possible, by booking online or at one of the local walk-in sites.

“I know this occasionally means travelling – I had to go to Tamworth for mine from Lichfield – but it’s worth it.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Eligible residents can book their booster jab online.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid MP said: 

“More than 10million people across the UK now have the vital protection boosters provide, building our wall of defence and keeping people safe over the winter months.

“We know immunity begins to wane after six months, particularly for the elderly and at-risk groups, and booster jabs will ensure our most vulnerable are protected over the winter.

“It’s never been easier to get your top-up jabs now that those eligible can book in advance or visit hundreds of walk-in sites across the country.

“Please do not delay – get your vaccines as soon as you can to protect yourself and your loved ones this winter so we can keep the virus at bay.”

Sajid Javid MP

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  1. If all Doctors surgeries had the same system perhaps there would not be so much confusion.
    Why not tell everyone to call 119 to book an appointment.

  2. Why is it hospital policy Not to vaccinate anyone. Yet again society is pandering to the lowest denominator there is No common sense in that. Hospitals are supposed to protect the most vunerable and provide health care. How are they protected if some staff are not vaccinated. Visitors are not allowed in (yet visitors could take a lateral flow test before entering to prove they are non Covid and they could provide evidence of vaccination.
    What is incredulous is that volunteers do not have to provide any evidence This goes against all our human rights and oh yes that missing link common sense.

  3. But let’s not make it easy for the people of Lichfield. Let’s make them travel if they want the booster. I find it incredulous that despite there being a hospital in Lichfield the nearest vaccination centre is a dentist surgery in Norton Canes, followed by Tamworth, Great Wyrley and Bloxwich. Can anyone tell me why we seem not to be making the same great effort that was made for vaccinations 1 & 2 i.e. Lichfield Cathedral, (other churches and church halls/community centres are available) or even god forbid doctors surgeries in Lichfield?

  4. Ann S : Covid booster jabs ARE being given at the Lichfield Community Centre and at the Samuel Johnson hospital if you are contacted by your doctors surgery to book. I only know of one person travelling to Norton Canes but know of seven who’ve had the covid booster jab at the latter two places. The change is possibly due to doctors surgeries doing the flu jabs. But I certainly don’t proclaim to be an expert on anything but I doubt someone in power thought “lets annoy lichfield residents and treat Norton Canes, Tamworth, Bloxwich and Great Wyrley to local booster centres”.

  5. My daughter is a senior nurse and lecturer in a prem baby unit. She also had to do extra shifts in A&E during the first two waves (we are entering wave#4). Two esteemed colleagues died after working 24/7 in the acute first wave. She contracted it from parents as did two colleagues on the same shift; one has been unable to work since and is disabled by long COVID. Her view of those who will not mask, distance or vaccinate is unprintable here, shall we say ‘grossly irresponsible’ with added expletives. Please do your best to protect yourself and others. It is not over, by far.

  6. Very bad. Phoned 119 to book my husbands booster jab. Told that the nearest place to get a jab is in Norton Canes or Cannock. I asked and was told there is nowhere in Licfield offering the jab. Not good if you work or can not drive. Given the size of Lichfield and the amount of elderly people needing the booster there should be booster jab centres in the City. Luckily my doctors surgery in Rugeley is able to give the jab.

  7. I too am shocked and amazed that when you access the Nhs online site there is no where in Lichfield mentioned. I have been contacted by my dr’s surgery to book for my flu jab (which I have now booked for this Saturday). When I mentioned my partner had not been contacted yet they allowed me to book him in also. Thankyou. The next day he got a text inviting him to book – so the system does not know he has booked? I then went on line to book my covid booster and his and we are both amazed that there is nowhere in Lichfield. I voluntarily gave up my petrol car in the first lock down because I thought about reducing my emissions further in the 20mph zone, also to save me car tax and insurance. I do have a bike so I have booked for Norton Canes and my partner has booked for Cannock both areas we would not ordinarily go to. So much for stay safe and avoid unnecessary travel. I would prefer to walk.

  8. When I was invited for a booster jab, I was surprised to find through an online search that Tamworth was the most convenient. About two days after receiving thebooster jab, I received a letter in the post asking me to register for a booster jab. However, my wife had hers arranged through the Westgate, and it was given at Samuel Johnson. My flu jab will be at Westgate (arranged some time back, but the NHS is asking me to register for one through text and email).
    Something is very wrong with the registration and records system – too many companies operating services that should be operated by a centralised NHS facility are not talking to each other?

  9. Lydia I refer you back to my earlier post regarding there being at least two Covid booster jab centres in Lichfield used when contacted by your GP.

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