A Lichfield author’s new novel will be officially launched at an event in the city this month.

Hugh Ashton's new novel
Hugh Ashton’s new novel

On the Other Side of the Sky by Hugh Ashton is set in the late 18th Century and features a number of familiar locations and characters including Erasmus Darwin.

The book tells the tale of a young girl fostered by a family in Lichfield who appears to be the focus of many disturbing events, leading to her being banished to Switzerland from where she plans her return – and revenge on who she believes is her true father.

A launch event will take place at Erasmus Darwin on 25th November.

Hugh Ashton
Hugh Ashton

Hugh said:

“It is wonderful not only to live so close to the house where Erasmus Darwin lived and where he met his patients and his friends, but I am thrilled also to be able to read passages from my book in the very rooms that I describe in the story;

“I am very grateful to the Erasmus Darwin House team to allow me this privilege.”

Hugh Ashton

As well as the reading, the author will also take part in a question and answer session hosted by Jono Oates.

Jono said:

“A new book featuring Lichfield’s famous residents is always interesting.

“The way that Hugh has mixed historical characters with the fictional ones, and added a touch of fantasy to the 18th Century world makes for a fascinating read.

“The story grips you from the start, and doesn’t let go until the end.” 

Jono Oates

Tickets for the launch event are £7.50 and can be booked online.