A new car parking strategy will aim to encourage drivers to make use of existing locations rather than adding new spaces, Lichfield District Council’s leader says.

The Friary Outer car park
The Friary Outer car park

The proposals form part of the larger city centre masterplan and are aimed at improving signage and real-time information for visitors.

Cllr Doug Pullen told a meeting of the cabinet this week that the focus was not on creating more bays.

Doug Pullen
Doug Pullen

“We absolutely have an over-provision of car parking spaces within the city – a number of our car parks sit half-empty throughout the day and yet all of us will know that Bird Street car park can often involve periods of circling to find a space.

“It’s my view that we should improve our signage to make sure people know and understand where the car parks are and that they can have real time data about how many spaces are available within each car park as they enter the city.”

Cllr Doug Pullen, Lichfield District Council

Cllr Pullen also told his cabinet colleagues that a revised payment structure for parking would help balance parking at a number of facilities across the city.

“We must aim to drive behaviour by incentivising people to park in the Friary Outer for example by making that less expensive than some other city centre car parks.

“It’s all about incentivising behaviour and making it as easy as possible to find those spaces in the first place.”

Cllr Doug Pullen, Lichfield District Council

10 replies on “Lichfield car parking strategy will focus on existing spaces rather than creating new bays, council leader says”

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  1. Talking Car Parks. The carpark Levetts Fields. Opposite Argos. (which I believe is no longer looked after by Lichfield Council) There have been many many complaints, where parking fees have been paid and people still being fined for non-payment . Perhaps this needs looking at together with other carpark matters.

  2. Perhaps before putting all efforts/expense into car parking the council ought to concentrate on attracting businesses into all the empty shops! Then maybe people will need car parking spaces and then you can focus on restructuring!
    As a cathedral city our shopping facilities are very poor, it’s no wonder people go to Tamworth! Lots of shops and free parking!

  3. The multi story car park is not fit for purpose. The spaces are not designed for the size of the modern car.

  4. The Bus Station has provision for seven coaches to park where there was previously parking for two lines of cars. These car parking spaces were valuable for those on trips.
    I cross the Bus Station regularly on the path passing the Garrick and into town. I have yet to see a coach in any of the bays. Mostly they use the station for pick up and drop. It is a poor use of space, and a loss of revenue.

  5. If there is over-provision of parking spaces, this means there is even less reason to delay the installation of electric vehicle charging points as there will still be plenty of parking spaces for motorists not needing the charging points.

  6. It would probably help LDC plan parking provision if they didn’t sell prime car parks off, as they have done with Three Spires, and leave motorists at the mercy of unscrupulous private parking companies.

  7. Why don’t the Council give 30min free parking and have pay on exit rather than pay and display and trying to guess how much time you need. Inevitably you overpay rather than risk a ticket. This is especially good for tourists who have no idea what’s on offer.

  8. I’m staggered by this ! With the amount of housing currently going up and future sites in the planning stage I feel it’s unbelievably short sighted !
    Without enough parking people will go elsewhere and whilst there may be parking on the outskirts at present with the new housing going up that will cease to be the case. Awfully shortsighted decision.

  9. With all the houses going up in Lichfield, there soon won’t be enough spaces to park. When that happens the centre will suffer as people will go elsewhere to buy their supplies.
    Lichfield centre will start to die off unless people can park safely and not too far away. Also we need investment in the centre. How about offering new start ups a year rent free – to build up their business. When a units empty it’s no good to anybody, but could help a new business get going

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