Businesses are sharing their expertise to help companies in Lichfield and Burntwood save money and cut carbon emissions.

The initiative is being organised by the Staffordshire Business Environment Network (SBEN).

Cllr Simon Tagg, Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for environment, infrastructure and climate change, said green innovation had already seen local businesses saving 1,656 tonnes of carbon since 2017.

“SBEN does great practical work and is currently offering free membership so businesses of any size in Staffordshire can get valuable practical advice and support to help them go green and prosper at the same time.

“Every small step we take makes a big difference and will get us closer to achieving net-zero by 2050.” 

Cllr Simon Tagg, Staffordshire County Council

Examples include a pub that has removed LPG gas from its kitchen and replaced all equipment to be run on electric renewable energy, as well as installing an electric vehicle charging point.

Other businesses showcasing the changes they have made include an insulated packaging company which is using sheep wool to protect pharmaceutical products being shipped internationally.

SBEN is offering free membership for local companies. For more details visit

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  1. Grassroots initiatives like this and sharing best practice are going to be crucial to dealing with the challenge of climate change. Good luck to everyone involved. “Think Global, Act Local”.

  2. I am sad to be so cynical about carbon control but just look at the Covid experience we have had. Life and death but people were ‘desperate’ to get back to foreign holidays and their clubs and festivals. To think they can make a sustained effort over thirty years is fanciful in the extreme. The real initiatives have to come from government’s and, as we have seen at COP26, that is bad enough to make even the chairman weep.

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