Markets on Market Square
Markets on Market Square

People are being asked to vote for Lichfield’s market in a national competition.

The National Association of British Markets is looking to find the country’s favourite market.

A poll will run until 13th of December and Cllr Dave Robertson, leader of the Labour group at Lichfield City Council, is urging people to get behind the Market Square market.

“Lichfield’s market charter is one of the oldest in the country with traders visiting the city for well over 900 years to conduct their business.

“The last two years have been some of the strangest in that long period though, with only essential traders able to be there during lockdown, and the introduction of restrictions to how we could shop.

“The traders on the market rose to every challenge though and made sure that the people who rely on them were still able to get what they needed whenever the restrictions allowed.

“After two very difficult years we’ve got a great chance to give something back and show how much the city appreciates our fantastic market by voting in the poll.

“I’ll be using my votes for my favourite market – the one right here in our city.”

Cllr Dave Robertson

People can vote for their favourite market online.

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  1. I would just love to see Lichfield market as amongst the best in the country. A good market is indicative of a historical and cultural link. There is a great atmosphere at a good market with banter and bargains. It also brings visitors in who benefit the local economy.
    I have long thought that the council should have a councillor who travels to other towns to observe how they do things. If they went to a host of other market towns they would see just how mediocre ours is. I could name many but, in competition, they are nowhere near Norwich and Bury markets even Tamworth has a better market.
    Like a precocious child, Lichfield overestimates its importance and underperforms in putting its needs right.

  2. If you want to see a good Street market you need to travel to France where street markets can have 20,30 or 40 stalls selling locally produced vedge and fruit etc not 1 vedgitables stall, an ink cartridge seller etc

  3. I have voted already for Lichfield Market. I love going to Market Square to make purchases and to have a chat with the stall holders. Those stall holders are all very hard working individuals who get up at 5 am to make sure that everything is ready.Please Lichfield City make sure that the fees are competitive and attractive to make sure that we retain the market. Lichfield District Council has already announced concessions for street traders up to March 2022. What about Lichfield City Council doing something similar for the stall holders at Market Square.

  4. Lichfield is a market town from many decades. It something locals and visitors look and browse at. It. Brings the city alive. It is so well placed in the centre of the city. Perhaps the council ought to look at the rates and allow more stalls in.

  5. Am I the only one that thinks Lichfield Market is a bit naff? Great if you’re after vacuum cleaner parts, Picture frames and handbags…..but generally it’s all tat.

  6. No Mel, you’re not the only one.
    Personally I don’t think they utilise the space anywhere near enough. I certainly think a Staffordshire Market Day would be a good event with vendors of pottery, oatcakes, representatives of Staffordshire tourist attractions etc in attendance.

    Also events such as vintage fairs and small car boot sales etc would use the space well. I guess it depends how badly they want to expand their events calendar.

  7. I love the market’s vegetable stall; it has good-quality produce and excellent service.

    As to the rest of the market… well, it’s neatly organised, has a lovely location, and most of the traders I’ve spoken to are friendly; I’d be hard-pressed to be more positive.

  8. Be great to have a boot sale market available now and again for people who want to de clutter or just make a bit of money.
    Or use it for a job fair so prospective employers could chat to applicants about jobs/training/apprenticeships ?

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