The Lichfield Garrick has been boosted by more than £135,000 of funding to help it recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

The case of the Lichfield Garrick’s pantomime

The money has come from the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund, with theatre bosses saying it will help them “manage the repercussions of the restrictions and temporary closure”.

It is the third payment from the fund to the Lichfield Garrick, with almost £280,000 received in 2020, while £135,000 was handed over in April.

Karen Foster, chief executive of the city theatre, said: 

“This is the best news we could have had at this time.

“As a small, independent arts charity which has been closed during Covid restrictions, this award will help to sustain us whilst protecting our staff, audience and performers.   

“Christmas came early to the Lichfield Garrick today with this wonderful news enabling us to look forward to the real Christmas with All New Adventures of Peter Pan, Mince Pie Mice and our Santa’s Grotto all benefitting from the financial sustainability which this grant brings. 

“My heartfelt thanks to the Arts Council England for this award and to the Chancellor for supporting the arts ecology which brings so much joy and economic benefit to our country.” 

Karen Foster

The Culture Recovery Fund has already seen more than £1.2billion awarded to organisations and sites across the country.

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said:

“Culture is for everyone and should therefore be accessible to everyone, no matter who they are and where they’re from.

“Through unprecedented Government financial support, the Culture Recovery Fund is supporting arts and cultural organisations so they can continue to bring culture to communities the length and breadth of the country, supporting jobs, boosting local economies and inspiring people.” 

Nadine Dorries MP

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  1. Nothing new here. Pre Covid the Garrick relied on handouts to stay afloat. It’s been a drain on taxpayer resources for years. Here is another £295k in the last 12 months. In two years time when the world is hopefully back to normal what will the excuse be then? Culture – don’t make me laugh.

  2. I recommend a visit to the panto and a good laugh to make you forget your sorrows. The Garrick is doing a good job for the community and well worth the funding. It’s something Lichfield can be proud of. The panto also raises money for other good causes.

  3. Nadine Dorries wouldn’t know culture if it jumped out of her yoghurt and started singing and dancing to her.
    The Garrick is a good thing for Lichfield but, if it constantly requires funding from the tax payer it clearly isn’t that popular. Perhaps the Council might consider improving transport links to Lichfield (for example, modern bus signage, EV charging etc) to make it a more attractive place to come & spend hard earned money.

  4. Unfortunately the Garrick programme is mainly 1 night tribute acts nothing artistic or creative about that! Seems to have not much currently available to go to cos I do not do tribute acts. Panto is OK a bit tired in format – but frankly Wolverhampton has so much better Panto for no more money!

  5. Why does the garrick do business conferences and have deals with local hotels, then they can generate their own income, with out hand outs this building would shut and that is no way to run a buisness.

  6. The garrick has been on life support for years, this type of entertainment has been in decline for a long time. The garrick needs to look at other options to survive.

  7. Some of the tribute acts are excellent. And not everything is tribute acts, there are plays, musicals, youth theatre. They also show films and have an escape room, not to mention a cafe/bar. It’s true, things have been a bit subdued by the pandemic recently, but the Garrick has lots to offer to a wide range of people. After Christmas there’ll be Jo Brand, Suggs and Jasper Carrott to look forward to.

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