Cllr Thomas Loughbrough-Rudd
Cllr Thomas Loughbrough-Rudd

A Burntwood county councillor suspended by his own party group over issues around climate change funding says he will be providing answers “in the next few days”.

Concerns have been raised over money Cllr Thomas Loughbrough-Rudd received from a Staffordshire County Council scheme before his election.

More than £920 was given to Nature Nuturing CIC for “tree planting” as part of a climate change fund designed to support environmental initiatives.

The company – which was incorporated in July last year – has Cllr Loughbrough-Rudd listed as the sole director. The business now faces being struck off after no confirmation statement was completed.

The Burntwood North representative has been suspended by the controlling Conservative group at the county council while further checks are carried out into the funding allocated to the community interest company.

Cllr Loughbrough-Rudd told Lichfield Live he would be “compiling everything that needs to be known in the next few days”.

“I will not be commenting on this matter further until then.

“It’s important that what I eventually answer is comprehensive and answers fully the questions that have been asked.

“I feel that this is the right thing to do.”

Cllr Thomas Loughbrough-Rudd, Staffordshire County Council

The Conservative group at Staffordshire County Council said checks were being made after “some concerns” were raised over the money received by Cllr Loughbrough-Rudd.

“Pending those enquiries and discussions with the monitoring officer, Cllr Loughbrough-Rudd is suspended from the Conservative group at Staffordshire County Council.”

Staffordshire County Council Conservative group spokesperson

Lichfield Live understands those checks are expected to be completed next month, at which point he would be either reinstated or expelled from the group permanently and forced to sit as an independent councillor or join another party.

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  1. Originally I was empathetic to to the Cllr, after the OP debacle it seemed to me that this was a genuine mistake from a kind person and the tories should be focusing on bigger fish.
    I still hope it works out well for the Cllr but in any case, it all suggests the tories have let the ball slip on their checking processes. I hope the Cllr isn’t being scapegoated for a bigger problem.

  2. I have only just seen this about the cllr…but I have no doubt in my mind that there will have been a mistake made somewhere…this gentleman is just that a gentleman…honest as the day is long and would work tirelessly for anyone..don’t be too quick to judge him

  3. Maureen – I’m afraid the days are getting shorter this time of year. So his time to come up with a reasonable and honest explanation.

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