Cllr Janet Taylor joins an employee from Burntwood Environmental to clear drains
Cllr Janet Taylor joins an employee from Burntwood Environmental to clear drains

Councillors in Hammerwich say they have taken action to ensure blocked drains don’t cause more flooding in the coming weeks.

Members of Hammerwich Parish Council brought in the services of Burntwood Environmental to clear debris.

It comes after severe flooding on Hall Lane left a stretch of road under water.

Cllr Vance Wasdell, chairman of the parish council, said:

“While we understand Staffordshire County Council have around 188,000 drains to maintain, our parishioners made it clear we need action before the winter weather sets in.

“Action was needed, so we took it.”

Cllr Vance Wasdell, Hammerwich Parish Council

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  1. Huh ! The lowest tier of local government, thus the most limited budget capacity, having to step in to overcome the ineptitude of the highest tier of local government that should have the greatest budget capacity. Staffordshire County Council Highways’ Department is one of the most disorganised I have encountered, in how it fails to fulfill the commitments listed in it’s declared service standards, which are not fit for purpose anyway. It’s declared cycle of gully emptying for rural roads completely fails to recognise the added obligations arising from arable farming traffic in the County, hence the inability of gullies to dispose of surface water.

  2. I reported to Staffordshire Highways a blocked drain in the roadway on Watery Lane, Curborough on 2nd November 2020.
    I received the usual automatic reply together with an email update earlier this year saying that it was still ‘on file.’ As I type, the drain is still silted up and every time we have heavy rain, the lane floods and traffic heading towards Lichfield takes to the centre or even right-hand side of the lane – on a corner – thereby veering into the path of any oncoming motorist.
    Since Staffordshire Highways outsourced much of their work, we see little evidence of maintenance work such as this being done.

  3. Thank you Hammerwich Parish Council for undertaking what should be routine maintenance by Staffordshire County Council Highways. Many gullies in the village have been cleared which will hopefully help to remove some storm water from the roads and lessen the flood risk for those properties in the lowest part of the village. However, it is now obvious that the underground connecting drains are blocked in some places. It would be helpful if Highways , which has responsibility for this, would liaise with Hammerwich Parish Council to identify where the blockages are and clear them as soon as possible to complete the good work begun by the much smaller Council.

  4. I realise the worst ones have been done but I hope somebody will be dealing with those on Meerash Lane which are full to road level with soil, grit and gravel.

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