Christmas shoppers and visitors to Lichfield will be able to park for free over the festive period.

Lichfield District Council has confirmed that charges won’t apply for spaces in the Lombard Street car park and the Friary multi-storey from 1st December to 2nd January.

Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of Lichfield District Council, said:

“I’m delighted that we are able to open up some of our city centre car parks for free to help support local shops and businesses in the run up to Christmas.

“We’ve already introduced other initiatives to help make our high streets festive, fun and busy this Christmas including removing fees for street trading consent over the festive period and setting up a scheme to provide free Christmas trees for local businesses.

“I really hope this car parking initiative encourages more people to shop locally and to stock up on their gifts and festive food from local businesses”.

Cllr Doug Pullen, Lichfield District Council

Anyone with a car parking season ticket who wants to cancel it, can email to request a refund for the remaining time left on it.  


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  1. At last someone has seen sense. This is a great initiative to regenerate the local high streets. A lot of other councils should take note and not only for Christmas but all year round, parking fees are the one reason a lot of shoppers go to retail parks.
    Well done Lichfield council

  2. It would be interesting if this news has been spread across the region in order to attract people from outside Lichfield – kinda defeats the object if not!

    I hope while they’re at it they can set up a proper deterrent to the current free-for-all access to supposedly pedestrian areas.

  3. It would seem that there is great demand for shopping and restaurants now people feel safer about Covid. Lichfield should be doing everything it can to capture that trade over the next two months. Doubtless many traders need to recoup some of their lost income.
    All car parks should be ‘free’ (including Tesco) in order to create the right climate for trade.
    Opportunity should be taken when it appears. If Lichfield fails to take it somewhere else will.

  4. Will they also be subsidising free public transport for those who don’t have cars or are trying to do their bit to protect the environment? No? Thought not.

  5. I think the Tesco car park system is rubbish.I haven’t used the shop since the parking was stopped unless you spend a fiver.
    I understand they were only allowed to build the store if they agreed to let everyone in Lichfield use the carpark.
    I would rather shop at Morrisons now 3hrs free
    Or Lidl one x half hours,
    No pnelty on what you spend.
    Tesco mus be taking it in.
    I feel sorry for the elderly as some don’t understand how the pay machines work

  6. So a ‘green truck’ ‘because we have to take global warming seriously’? How does that stack up against streets full of lights and hundreds of cars coming to the free car parks? Perhaps one of the councillors can plant a tree somewhere to offset the hypocrisy.

  7. Too little too late from the council. It’s hard enough trying to get a parking space on a normal Saturday, let alone during the Xmas period. I live in Lichfield but, I gave up trying to shop there a long time ago. I walk into town if I don’t envisage having to buy much but, for large / items or grocery shopping – forget it. The city has grown exponentially over last 5 years – and what do we have to show for the increased size? Nothing. Oh I tell a lie, new donut shop…..! No new doctors, no new schools, no new recreational facilities. The council are destroying the city with aplomb and, waiving parking fee for a few weeks isn’t going to change that.

  8. I think the plant boxes outside restaurants should be taken away in the winter months, because who is going to dine in the cold?!! Then disabled people would be able to do their Christmas shopping when they cant walk the distance from the car parks!!!?

  9. I agree with Andy about lack of parking in Lichfield. If I need to go to town then I go early so I can find a parking space. But it’s hardly worth it with so few shops nowadays, unless of course you consider a proliferation of cafes and bars constituting a good town centre. I certainly don’t.

    The plant boxes stopping disabled parking in the town should never have been sanctioned in the first place – I’m not sure in what world the council thought this to be a good idea. I’m guessing the shops taking advantage of the extra space for outdoor dining are not paying additional business rates.

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