The Lichfield Cathedral Christmas tree being lifted into place
The Lichfield Cathedral Christmas tree being lifted into place. Picture: Tippers

A local business has helped ensure a Christmas tree can take pride of place outside Lichfield Cathedral.

Staff from Tippers used a specialist vehicle to lift and position the tree.

The work was carried out free of charge by the company.

Click below to see a video of the work taking place:

The tree will welcome visitors to the cathedral over the festive period, including those going to the Christmas Tree Festival taking place inside the medieval building.

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  1. The council one in the shopping centre is a plastic one. Most towns put up real ones. Plastic tree is not exactly friendly to the enviroment

  2. I’m sure the council could get lots of real ones for the shopping areas if they knew the right people. Isn’t there a councillor who runs a CIC that has got funding for trees?

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