People are being urged to help ensure others don’t go hungry this Christmas by supporting a Lichfield Foodbank appeal.

As well as traditional food items, the organisation is asking for donations of products such as Christmas puddings, crisps and snacks, jam and mince pies dated best before 26th December or later.

A spokesperson said:

“Your support is needed more than ever – we broke a record we didn’t want last week with more Lichfield Foodbank users than ever before.

“If people can help us, please drop items to one of our donation points.”

Lichfield Foodbank spokesperson

Lichfield Foodbank says it expects to hand out 600 Christmas Day bags to help prevent local residents going hungry.

A recent collection at Tesco in the city saw more than three tonnes of food donated by shoppers.

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  1. It’d be nice if Michael Fabricant visited, or at least donated something to the foodbanks. He just completely fails to recognise that his constituency even had any. Is he ashamed??

  2. If Mr. Fabricant had not so slavishly supported the Conservative party through years of austerity, perhaps there would be less need for food banks in Lichfield or anywhere else in the country.

  3. @Michael Fabricant: “Politicising food banks does a disservice to the charity”.
    It’s the Tory policy of leaving people with not enough money to live on that drives the need for the foodbanks in the first place. This is happening in YOUR constituency on YOUR watch, Mr Fabricant. People are quite right to politicise foodbanks: this is a political issue.

  4. Michael Fabricant – You seem to suggest that the political choices increasing food bank use shouldn’t be politicised.

    On a separate matter: my best wishes to all those who are celebrating Advent or Chanukah. Both of which begin today.

  5. Food banks are a direct result of political policy. What an idiotic thing to say that, they are being politicised!?

    Is this man aware of cause and effect??

    You can’t shut down debate just because it suits you, it’s not that easy, and people aren’t that stupid.

  6. Fabricant is a disgrace. I say this as a historical Tory voter. I could never vote a man with his history. He’s an embarrassment to Lichfield.

  7. “Politicising food banks does a disservice to the charity”.

    That’s it Michael, try to shut down debate and criticism.

    Your comment makes zero sense. It’s a bit like saying “don’t blame us, we only make the rules”.

    I also find it slightly absurd that you claim to donate to food banks? On the one hand you support government policy that creates the need for foodbanks, and on the other, you graciously toss in the odd tin of beans. Is this a new sort of guilt “offsetting”?

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