Gritting lorry. Picture: Elliot Brown

Highways crews have been battling snow and freezing temperatures overnight in Lichfield and Burntwood.

Staffordshire County Council said gritting crews and snow ploughs worked through the night in a bid to keep roads clear.

Work is expected to continue throughout the day in a bid to ensure major carriageways remain clear.

Cllr David Williams, Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for highways, said:

“It certainly has been a challenging 24 hours for our highways crews.

“The double-whammy of snow and high winds has mean crews have been working round the clock to keep our county moving.

“Weather forecasts seem to show the snow tailing off and temperatures rising during the day, but nevertheless I would advise people to take care on the roads, drive safely and allow more time for their journeys.”

Cllr David Williams, Staffordshire County Council

Though the Met Office Yellow Weather Warning for snow finishes this morning, a yellow warning for wind is still in place for the whole of Staffordshire until 6pm today (27th November).

A cold weather alert has also been issued until 3pm on Monday, with people advised to check on older neighbours and relatives, especially those who live alone or have a serious illness.

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  1. Well this is a lie. They do realise the people of Burntwood have eyes and can see the roads haven’t been touched….

  2. It would be highly appreciated if they came along St Matthews Road….only come the the church and turn around. St Matthews Estate could benefit from the gritters as well.

  3. Maybe some of the people who clog up our roads on their pointless journeys in their huge four wheel drive armoured personnel carrier Chelsea tractors could assist in clearing the highways of ice and snow as they always seem to think they own the roads!

  4. Lichfield was definitely not gritted this morning, A38 and other main roads a nightmare with lorries getting stuck causing traffic to back up. Not a single bit of grit in sight and we didn’t see a grit lorry until 8.45 in the morning and that was in tamworth!

  5. May I just say thank you to the locals in Hopwas who came out with shovels to grit the little hump-backed bridge, which would otherwise have been impassable for Christmas shoppers trying to get home from Tamworth.

  6. Gritting??in burntwood?? Wow must have missed that one ..just us normal people who live normal lives in normal houses with normal jobs left to struggle ,slip and slide out of our normal little streets of no importance.. wilst we pay our council tax o and get no help when cant pay due to covid thanks lichfield council..did you all get out of your streets ok ? are all your grit boxes full ..thought so

  7. These roads where gritted as I’m a gritter drive if you people learned to drive .then you might not keep blocking the road so the gritters can do there jobs right .let’s see you muppets work all night and day then we can slag you lot of

  8. @Gritter man: Thanks. The main roads in Burntwood were nice and clear this morning. Still driving carefully though.

  9. What a lie, I’m in Lichfield, no salt gritting and no snow ploughing here at all! Cars sliding dangerously, folks trying to walk on solid ice are terrified of every step. I’ve been stuck in the house since Friday unable to go shopping as it’s too dangerous to either drive or walk, so I’ve been stuck with no food. Other countries manage to use snow ploughs and salt gritters, what’s up with the UK that they can’t do that here???

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