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A Lichfield councillor says more consideration needs to be given to cycle parking provision when the future of the city centre is considered.

Cllr Dave Robertson, Labour representative for Curborough, made his comments at a meeting of Lichfield District Council this week.

He said that cyclists should not be forgotten when consideration is given to the way vehicles will use the city centre in future.

“I’m pleased to see us looking at our car parking policy, but I am a little concerned that there is no mention of cycle parking.

“These two things should be looked at hand in hand

” There are a number of sectors who are looking at installing infrastructure to allow for additional parking spaces.

“Notwithstanding our commitment to climate change, it is important we are reaching out to cyclists as well.”

Cllr Dave Robertson, Lichfield District Council

Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of Lichfield District Council, has previously spoken of the need to improve the experience for pedestrians and cyclists as part of a bid to “push cars away” from the city centre.

He told Cllr Robertson:

“It is in the strategy, but probably not as prominent as it ought to be.

“We will make sure we give cycle parking the due care and attention it requires.”

Cllr Doug Pullen, Lichfield District Council

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  1. There is a massive issue with the theft of bicycles in Lichfield.

    I know a number of people who have had their bikes stolen. The police have no interest. Even a full description and the fact the council keep reporting the use of CCTV in the city centre. Nothing is ever done.

  2. Well said Cllr Robertson, good to hear that this is being progressed. There needs to be more cycle parking in places where we need them, preferably covered by CCTV. The contraptions at the top of the precinct on Backcester Lane are next to useless, and the only nearest ones are outside the Garrick. How about some in the precinct? With the amount of cycle theft these days, parking needs to be where people can keep an eye on them.

  3. I am not a cyclist but a pedestrian and yes do agree with the remarks about safe bike parking and lack of pursuit of stolen bikes. My gripe is the small amount of cyclists who cycle through the city centre and the Precinct where cycling is not allowed and the other one is cycling on roads the wrong way. Friday and a man – in the whole cycling safety kit was riding through Bore Street the wrong way and then rode up Tamworth Road(Greenhill) again the wrong way weaving from side to side to avoid oncoming cars.
    This as I said is a gripe and it is a very small minority but they are being selfish and causing problems for those cyclists who do obey the law of the road and pedestrian walks.

  4. Fully agree Elaine Slater. I am a cyclist and I deplore the antics of a small minority of irresponsible people. They seem to have the attitude that the rules of the road don’t apply to them and they can do what they like. I would like to see such behaviour stamped on by the police, although I doubt that they have the resources these days.

  5. ‘We will make sure we give cycle parking the due care and attention it requires’.
    Translating from ‘official-speak’, the probable meaning is: ‘We will kick the matter into the long grass’.

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