People are being urged to stay “extra vigilant” against the risks of spreading Covid as positive case rates continue to rise in Staffordshire.


The current figure is at 1,700 per 100,000 people – up from the previous record high of 1,000 last week.

County health leaders say the increase is linked to the more transmissible Omicron variant and increased mixing over the festive period.

Cllr Johnny McMahon, cabinet support member for public health at Staffordshire County Council, said that current issues with shortages of PCR and lateral flow tests meant people should take as much care as possible.

“Even with more residents vaccinated, case rates being so high runs the risk of more people needing to isolate which could affect essential services such as health and social care, so please ensure you’re doing everything possible to lower the risk to you and others, especially if you are unable to get tested due to the current national shortages.

“People who have had their booster jab have good protection against Omicron, so please make a New Year’s resolution to protect yourself and get vaccinated as soon as you are eligible.”

Cllr Johnny McMahon, Staffordshire County Council

Coronavirus vaccine appointments can be booked via and local walk-in clinic information can be found at

6 replies on “Health chiefs ask people to be “extra vigilant” as Staffordshire Covid rate continues to rise”

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  1. As usual blah blah blah from Staffs CC on how we should be behaving… but how can we follow the guidance when there is no reliable supply of Lateral Flow Tests. Between Christmas and New Year there was little to no availability in Lichfield. Information on the NHS website is out of date or wrong on where to get lateral flow tests or get tested. Last Thursday evening the NHS website was suggesting driving to Bridgnorth for a PCR test!! Also there were no collections from priority postboxes in Lichfield for posting PCR tests over the New Year weekend. Had to drive to find one in Longdon. Fabricant’s response to an email was as useless as a chocolate teapot. This should be a top priority for him to improve the level of support for his constituents. However he seems to be more interested in his media image and Twitter account than who he is supposed to be working for.

  2. Vax will stop you dying of Covid, but it won’t stop you getting it or spreading it. I seem to be more concerned than our government is about the risk to NHS and education staff – when the majority have Covid who looks after our sick and/or elderly, and who teaches our kids?

  3. I can see a picture of MF with a wheelbarrow full of test kits soon?
    God save MF and all who follow him including the airbrush team !!!

  4. @Revs33. The whole point of the article was that Cllr McMahon was asking people to try to be extra careful to reduce transmission BECAUSE of the national shortfall in testing.

    It’s a bit unfair to call him out on his message because there is a national shortfall in testing.

  5. The advice of being extra vigilant will fall on mostly deaf and ignorant ears as I have lost count the amount of times I have seen individuals and groups of people without masks, swaggering around shops and supermarkets. I myself am currently having to isolate having caught Omicron even though I wear a mask when out and about and having all my vaccines. The government has failed in controlling this infection by not implementing more stringent rules. Firstly, implement a circuit breaker lockdown, including all schools, colleges and universities, then upon return, make the wearing of masks a legal requirement when in shops and entertainment venues. Ban those who do not have the vaccine from venues and finally, make it a requirement all children in schools, colleges and universities wear masks.

  6. Good to read that mask wearing is being enforced on London transport, with 21,000 people being challenged in November and December, and nearly six hundred being fined for not wearing a face covering. It’s about time something was done about the selfish and irresponsible people not taking this simple precaution to protect others. If only such enforcement was evident elsewhere, including in Staffordshire. Large supermarkets have security staff who could refuse entry to those not wearing face coverings; it’s unfair to expect young female assistants to face abuse and attack by trying to encourage people to protect others. Those who inflict abuse and violence on shop staff are beneath contempt, and should be locked up for their actions. Society needs to be protected against such idiots.

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