An MP has branded the vaccination booking system in Lichfield and Burntwood as “unsatisfactory and very confusing” for local people.

Michael Fabricant

Michael Fabricant’s comments after he wrote to health chiefs to seek clarification on why residents were being forced to travel further afield to access jabs and boosters.

The Conservative MP said:

“The problem is that, until recently, no location in the Lichfield area has been listed on the national booking system with people from Lichfield and Burntwood being forced to travel to Tamworth or much further afield for their booster shots.

“This is unsatisfactory and very confusing, though Burntwood’s new Greenwood Health Centre is now finally on the national bookings website.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Lynn Millar, from Staffordshire and Stoke Clinical Commissioning Group said some appointments were still being made available through local channels rather than the nationwide system.

“The Primary Care Networks are still operating within Lichfield, but are using a local booking solution where patients are sent an invite to book into a local clinic.

“They don’t operate on the national booking system which is why you won’t be able to see the clinics. However, all those over 18 who are not yet vaccinated should be receiving invitations.

“They have clinics planned at Whittington on 19th January, and Curborough on 13th and 27th January.

“There is also a clinic being planned week commencing on 23rd January, though details are to be confirmed.”

Lynn Millar

She added that some Burntwood sessions were now available on the national booking system.

“We have asked to open these clinics to walk ins as well to make it as accessible as possible.

“There are two new pharmacy sites currently going through an approval process to be set up from the middle of January who will also be on the national booking system and offering walk ins within Lichfield.

“Our targeted vaccination team also have a walk in planned at Lichfield Fire Station on 21st January.”

Lynn Millar

Mr Fabricant welcomed the news but said more still needed to be done to ensure people in Lichfield and Burntwood can access vaccinations.

“While I am pleased to see that vaccination centres are and will be available in Lichfield, it’s all too much of a well-kept secret. 

“I hope most of these centres will soon be on the national website so the locations will be transparent to all.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. I wonder if Mr Fabricant is actually registered with a Lichfield GP? I have not had any problems with my vaccinations or boosters through the Darwin Medical Practice.

  2. That is an entirely different issue Carl. He is talking about the nationwide system that people were asked to book through rather than waiting for their GP practice to invite them to book a jab. Two different systems, two different processes.

  3. Salters Meadow Burntwood. First two vaccinations ran very smoothly. But the Booster situation was shambolic. Eventually sorted it ourselves after waiting three weeks for communication from Salters Meadow. Via NHS phone. We are Both in our Mid/Late 70,s. But had to travel by Bus to Gt Wyreley for Booster. Three hours round trip. So on this count for once I agree with Mr Fabricant.

  4. I had no problem at all booking and having my (and my families’) booster jabs through Darwin Practice between Christmas and New Year. I absolutely commend the work that this practice has done to roll out jabs throughout the pandemic.

  5. My surgery, the Langton practice at Boney Hay has been excellent and I have not had a problem at all, especially when they have used Boney Hay Club to administer the booster vaccinations.

  6. First two jabs, after arranging ourselves to go to a jab centre, we received letters from our local surgery , these were totally not needed, and a waste of NHS money. There seems too be a two tier system going here, with the NHS and the internet based systems not combining, and it seems both systems are working against each other.

  7. Westgate text me to offer a booster appointment at Sammy J hospital.
    The only option given was Thursday 30th Dec between 10am and 3pm – I was unfortunately in work that day. No further options given. How is that an effective way to get the booster out to local patients?
    No doubt if I was in the over-50s baby boomer crowd I’d have been offered my booster months ago and given a hundred different options for an appointment. This city is set up for the elderly and gives a constant middle-finger to anyone under 40.

  8. It’s ok if you have been offered your vaccinations through your GP and it worked well. However my experience with Westgate was very poor and chose to book through the national NHS system without any issues. The problem is that Lichfield has never had a vaccination centre outside of the GP practices. The nearest was Whitemoor Lakes but this closed down and the nearest centres are now in Norton Canes and Tamworth. There are also issues with PCR tests where over the New Year weekend there were no collections from priority postboxes for tests in the city. My nearest one was in Longdon. I was ok to drive there but this is not an option for all, particularly if you are not well. Information on the NHS website regarding sites for getting walk-in lateral flow tests is out of date too. Fabricant has been stung into action probably from the many complaints from his constituents including myself. This problem has been around for months and only now does he pipe up. I got the usual limp response from his office. Lichfield is effectively a black hole for covid support services with the surrounding areas having much better provision. Too little too late and in the meantime his constituents get second best.

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