Council chiefs are demanding actions rather than words in order to ensure promises to bring improvements in Burntwood are delivered over the next 12 months.

Sankey's Corner in Burntwood
The shopping centre at Sankey’s Corner in Burntwood

The plea for progress on the Town Deal Partnership and the Area Action Plan has come from Burntwood Town Council leader Cllr Sue Woodward and deputy leader Cllr Darren Ennis.

They are calling for discussions to forge a way forward following delays to Lichfield District Council’s Local Plan and the ongoing need for funding from Staffordshire County Council for road improvements at Sankey’s Corner.

Cllr Woodward said:

“At the town council are doing all we can to ensure that development goes forward with a shared understanding of the town’s needs and aspirations, but the fact is that the town council does not have the resources to make the Action Plan for Burntwood a reality.

“That’s where we need both the district and county councils, along with the Local Enterprise Partnerships, to start pulling together the funding – including recovery grants from Government – to make these aspirations a reality.

“We will continue to lobby and make our own contribution but the big bucks will only come via the larger councils.

“It’s time now that they stepped up to the challenge.”

Cllr Sue Woodward, Burntwood Town Council

Cllr Ennis said there needed to be a more joined up approach to solving the problems that have blighted the town previously.

“The town has suffered in the past from a lack of overall strategic planning, with parcels of land being developed – or not – in a completely haphazard way. 

“That’s why we need a Strategic Action Plan and the funding to make things happen.

“We are not there yet but it’s time for district and county representatives to put their shoulders to the wheel and deliver for a better Burntwood in 2022.”

Cllr Darren Ennis, Burntwood Town Council

“Address the historic shortfalls”

The Town Deal Partnership, made up of representatives from all three councils covering Burntwood, has previously agreed a set of actions, including an Area Action Plan “to develop and agree a statutory framework for the regeneration of Burntwood”.

Work on this is due towards the end of 2022, but Cllr Woodward said this now needed to happen sooner rather than later.

Cllr Sue Woodward
Cllr Sue Woodward

“A further agreed action – a ‘priority issue’ – is the implementation of the proposed traffic management scheme at Sankey’s Corner to address the historic shortfalls both within the town and to the wider area.

“Further agreed actions include improved access to primary and community care and improved marketing of commercial opportunities to encourage inward investment.

“We want action rather than words.”

Cllr Sue Woodward, Burntwood Town Council

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  1. Is it not the case that real improvement cannot be made either buying the freehold for the semiderilict shopping centre? And the price is prohibitive?

  2. Could not agree more. “ We want Action rather than Words”
    We the Residents have heard these words so many times before decades of debate, with no decisions made.
    Burntwood has grown out of all recognition. Population has grown out of all proportion, infrastructure has remained static!
    Roads are an utter disgrace.Schools full to capacity. GP,s Patient List overflowing. The list is endless. Yes Action Please. No More Words. Let’s have a “Town” to be Proud of, not a dismal down and out Vista to feel ashamed of.

  3. Sankeys Corner for years has been an embarrassment. I remember by daughter in law visiting us from Ireland she came back with my son from Sankeys Corner., and they laughing about something on enquiry my son revealed that my daughter in law had named it as Skankies Corner. That from someone with unbiased fresh view of the area.

  4. 25 years on to 26 I have lived on this earth, I suspect another 26 will pass before anything happens on to Sankeys Corner. I will believe it when I see it if any work is done to improve Sankeys corner or Burntwood in general more than another housing estate

  5. We need a new built community centre for young people Groups , mother and toddler groups, SEN groups , We are fed up with the use of old tatty buildings.

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