Talks are taking place to ensure Lichfield and Burntwood residents can easily access Covid vaccinations locally, the area’s MP has said.

A vial of the COVID-19 vaccine. Picture: DoD/Lisa Ferdinando

Michael Fabricant had previously branded the current booking system as “unsatisfactory and very confusing” after being given an explanation over why people were having to travel outside the district for their jabs.

But the Conservative MP says he has now been told that many smaller vaccination centres are deliberately being left off the list of options when people book – and has asked ministers to rethink the criteria.

Michael Fabricant

“The Government’s list of Covid vaccination centres is not complete – they insist on each centre having the capacity of 1,000 jabs per week. 

“There are many smaller centres some of which are walk in throughout the West Midlands, but which are not listed on the national database. That is why some of my constituents in Lichfield and Burntwood have been directed far afield to Sandwell and central Birmingham for their inoculations.

“I am now in discussions with ministers at the Department of Health to see whether the threshold for vaccination centres to be included in the national booking service can be reduced to 500 vaccinations per week.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Details on the smaller local vaccination centres across Staffordshire are available online. The national booking system for jabs is available here.

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  1. ‘Walk-in centres: Lichfield fire station 21st January 10am – 4pm’
    Is that it?! Most people will be at work on a Friday between 10 and 4! With that, and the fact that the national booking service is only showing appointments in Tamworth, Great Wyrley and beyond it’s no wonder people of working age aren’t bothering with the booster. Must. Try. Harder.

  2. This us what happens when you vaccinate all the ‘oldies’ first. The people who are younger and out working and having more chance of getting covid have been dealt a rough deal. GP surgeries aren’t doing them any more so the only thing you can do is go to Tamworth vaccine centre as this is the closest.

  3. I,m a Council Tax Payer and an Oldie too. Had to Bus to Great Wyrley to get my Booster. 3 hr Round Trip.
    I also worked for 42years.

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