One of the maps in the exhibition
One of the maps in the exhibition

The past will be mapped out in a new exhibition at Lichfield Cathedral.

The collection of map books from the 15th, 16th and 17th Centuries will be on display as part of the Searching Beyond the Horizon showcase.

It runs from today (8th January) until 27th February.

Canon Gregory Platten, from Lichfield Cathedral, said:

“The maps which European explorers created on their journeys and the stories they brought back enabled those who stayed at home to explore horizons they might never see.

“Nations and individuals examined their place and role in the world with fresh eyes.

“At a time when we tend to rely on electronic mapping devices to get us from A to B, these historic maps remind us of how much better we understand the world when we lift up our eyes and look beyond the horizon.

“They also inspire us with the vision and skill of those who created them so many centuries ago.” 

Canon Gregory Platten, Lichfield Cathedral

The exhibition will be held in the Chapter House of the cathedral. For more details visit

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