Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament
Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

Lichfield’s MP has tabled a question to the Home Secretary over claims a group has been learning tactics to break through police lines in a training session at Chasewater.

Reports in The Mail on Sunday over the weekend said an undercover reporter had witnessed the Alpha Men Assemble organisation carrying out the exercise.

The newspaper claims the group were preparing for action to target “vaccine centres, schools, councils and local directors of public health”.

The drill allegedly saw groups of men link arms to demonstrate how to break through police lines.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant has now tabled a Parliamentary Written Question to the office over the reports.

“To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, if her Department or its agencies are aware of and are monitoring the activities of anti-vax group Alpha Men Assemble and Mr Danny Glass who reportedly recently held an exercise in Chasewater Park near Lichfield. and if she will make a statement?”

Michael Fabricant’s Parliamentary Written Question

The Mail on Sunday’s report said 200 participants were put through their paces by “an Army veteran”.

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  1. Not illegal currently if unarmed, however reprehensible or not, depending on your views. It may well be illegal once the Police Bill goes through, but then so may standing on your own outside Fabbo’s grace and favour residence with a ‘Fabbo give up’ on it, if it causes someone upset.

  2. Looks like the Daily Mail is keeping an eye on them even if the Government isn’t, but it will be interesting to read what the Secretary of State has to say. I look forward to seeing the reply on Lichfield Live. Maybe the Government should introduce a few targeted pandemic restrictions on large groups of men play fighting in open spaces. I hope they were all double-jabbed.

  3. As Mr Fabricant is well aware, this was a lawful gathering at which police are reported to have attended. Undercover reporters? this is a public space which everyone can visit without subversion unless the reporter was an agent provocateur.
    Obviously grounds to bother the Home Secretary! Look out Cosplayers, Sealed Knotters, Roman re-enactors, Vikings and heaven forbid the WW2 historical groups. Personally I find the UNLAWFUL gathering in the garden at #10 more worthy of a complaint but as we know Michael is Johnson’s #1 apologist!

  4. They should attempt their manoeuvres on a hot sunny day with a bottle of wine in hand. (Cheese optional).
    When questioned by the police they should answer that they are simply enjoying an after-work gathering.

    And this sums up the level of political debate in our once great country in 2022.
    Can’t wait for the mp’s toady response to the lying clown in pmq’s today.

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