Talks are continuing over plans to improve safety at a junction in Lichfield where a motorcyclist was killed.

The junction at Eastern Avenue and Grange Lane. Picture: Google Streetview

Thousands signed a petition calling on changes to at Grange Lane and Eastern Avenue following the death of Luke Cotton in June.

It led to a public meeting in October where residents were told recommendations had been proposed to change the layout of the junction.

Cllr Paul Ray, representative for the Chadsmead ward at Lichfield District Council, said pressure was being put on Staffordshire County Council by councillors from across the political spectrum.

“County counillor Janice Silvester-Hall has confirmed that an engineer’s report which will set out the detailed design and costings for traffic signals at this junction is to be finalised this month or in February.

“I am very disappointed and frustrated that the funding for these works has not yet been committed by Staffordshire County Council.

“My and residents’ expectation is that the funding for these works has to be in the budget for highways works which starts in April so that these works are completed by the end of March 2023 at the very, very latest.”

Cllr Paul Ray

Cllr Ray said the strength of feeling on the need for changes at the junction was clear to see.

“We all know how dangerous it is due to the accident statistics and the tragic death of Luke Cotton.

“The campaign to make this junction safe has been ongoing for five years and since June last year this has stepped up.

“Significant and permanent changes are needed to make the junction safe and these must be carried out urgently.”

“I have written to Cllr David Williams, the cabinet member at Staffordshire County Council responsible for roads about the dangers and risks at this junction on two occasions and he has not bothered to respond – that is really not acceptable.

“Cllr Williams now needs to step up and deliver this funding.

“The need is obvious and the funding has to be found as a matter of urgency before there any further fatalities or serious injuries at this junction.”

Cllr Paul Ray, Lichfield District Council

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  1. Really begs the question about where the hell all the council’s money actually goes when then can’t committ to changing a junction that cost someone their life and the local community have campaigned for

    Councillors not even bothering to reply to other councillors… 5 year campaign… Who holds these people accountable?!

  2. Eastern Ave is like a rat run. No-one heads the speed limit and trying to cross the road is a nightmare for young and elderly alike. Surely a crossing should be in place opposite new housing estate? Does an accident have to happen before the council do anything ? We despair.

  3. Only the other day I witnessed a driver incorrectly maneuvering this junction in a dangerous manner. Something needs to be done, and fast before another tragedy.

  4. I completely agree with M Smith Eastern Avenue is a nightmare particularly in the 40 mph area (which very few people heed) and can’t understand why a pedestrian crossing wasn’t put in as a necessity when the new estate near Watery Lane was built. I also think there should be a pavement along Watery Lane which is a rat run. This would encourage walkers and help local businesses at Curborough.

  5. Needs pedestrian crossing by the doctors to the rugby club. It can take 10 minutes to cross the road and the speed people go down there is horrendous. Kids cross there to do there sports its only a matter of time before another person is killed

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