Lichfield’s MP says he still supports the Prime Minister in the wake of claims of a party at Downing Street while the rest of the country was facing Covid restrictions.

Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

Boris Johnson has been urged to quit by some members of his own party following the Downing Street event which he attended in May 2020.

Despite those at the garden gathering being invited to bring their own alcohol, the Prime Minister said he had believed “that this was a work event”.

Michael Fabricant said he would not be joining those calling for Mr Johnson to go.

“I confess to voting against John Major and Theresa May in votes of no confidence, so I am no loyalist.

“But Boris delivered Brexit, the best vaccine programme in Europe and first in the world – and England is likely soon to leave Covid behind.

“He delivers and has my support.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Other Conservative MPs have said they will be writing to the 1922 Committee.

If at least 54 do, it would trigger a leadership challenge.

Among those who have indicated they will is Douglas Ross, leader of the Conservatives in Scotland.

He said:

“It is his Government that put these rules in place. He has to be held to account for his actions.”

Douglas Ross MP

The event at Downing Street in May 2020 will also be covered by an internal investigation taking place into other reports of parties held by Government officials during the pandemic.

Mr Fabricant said the review would look at all factors involved in the events.

“Covid rules are and were all about not spreading disease.

“The Downing Street garden is a secure area protected by armed police adjoining cramped offices.

“No mixing with non-Downing Street workers is possible – this is one of the factors being considered in the inquiry.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. Mr Fabricant is extremely well informed about what did and did not happen, one wonders why there’s a need for an investigation at all. Nevertheless, the party (for that’s what it was, pre-arranged and nothing to do with work) was against the law at the time. In any other setting the police would have broken it up and probably fined the attendees. He is disingenuous to suggest these are just people who all work together. He knows that the Cabinet Office, for example, is a separate part of the complex with security doors between. I wonder exactly what The Prime Minister will have to do to lose his support, or indeed, why he has it in the first place.

  2. Surely it is now time for Mr Fabricant to step down. His continued defence of the indefensible actions of Boris Johnson and the “party gate” scandal, indicates quite how out of touch he is with the general public on this and many other issues. His poorly expressed comments on the media have been subject of widespread ridicule and criticism. So much so that it has become an embarrassment for Lichfield constituents to say that this man represents us in Parliament. Michael Fabricant, please do the right thing and retire.

  3. It’s interesting that our MP will happily admit to voting against John Major and Theresa May, two thoroughly decent people, but won’t vote against Boris, who is a shameless, dishonest charlatan who thinks rules are something that apply to other people, not to him or his chums. By the way, Boris hasn’t delivered Brexit, he’s just delivered an utter mess which is going to take years if not decades to put right, and Covid is not behind us by any stretch. There were nearly 400 deaths reported yesterday. The Government is simply gaslighting the nation about the pandemic, pretending everything is hunky dory, when it’s not, trying to take credit for beating Covid when we have one of the worst records in Europe.

  4. To start with he’s incorrect in his risk assessment unless all Downing Street workers never left Downing Street to go to their own homes and families.

    But more importantly, he continues to totally miss the point. We can all think of examples where we could have met someone without creating a high risk of infection, but which would have broken the rules. The fact that he thinks that a privileged few can break the rules if they can give an argument about why it’s probably okay continues to demonstrate his inability to understand why people are so upset.

    Mr Fabricant is either incompetent, naive, foolish, or just deliberately disingenuous. Or a mixture of all of them. Take your pick.

  5. Fabricant is delusional if he thinks “England is likely soon to leave Covid behind”. The situation will hopefully improve, but Daily reported new cases are currently well over 100,000 per day. The impact of Covid on healthcare services will be long lasting. As a society we cannot afford to simply “leave it behind”, even when it no longer requires everyone to take daily precautions and dominates the news, lessons and knowledge learnt from this must be carried forwards. Many people will never be able “leave it behind” even if they wanted to.

    As Asellus aquaticus says, talk of risk of infection is irrelevant to the conversation about the gathering Fabricant is defending, even if one thinks whats he says about that makes sense. The government had told everyone that we could not have large social gatherings even outdoors. They had a gathering to which 100 people were invited and told to bring booze. They did what they had told us not to. There is no credible defence. People were fined for smaller gatherings. And it’s not even the only such gathering we’ve heard such government people having.

  6. Are we surprised? Fabricant is a lemming blindly following whatever Boris says or does and just treats his own constituents with utter contempt. Clearly the message from Boris to his lemmings is now to spin the story that the rules in Downing Street are a grey area and therefore could not have broken the law. They hope this will somehow have an affect on the outcome of the enquiry.

  7. Clearly a man who doesn’t give a jot what his constituents think.
    This absolute worship of Boris has been going on a while now.
    Are you ok Michael?

  8. The PM does not have my support and nor does Mr Fabricant in these comments. This is insulting from a political elite whom claim procedural knowledge but are merely clinging on saying day to day what is needed to survive

  9. Let’s be clear about this, Michael Fabricant is being instructed to support Boris. He’s doing as he’s told. However, he doesn’t have to, and lots of his colleagues have refused to pull ally support Boris. So – it begs the question, “why is he supporting Boris”?

    Is he doing it because it’s in the best interests of Lichfield? Ehm….no.

    Is he doing it because he is reflecting his constituents’ wishes? Definitely not.

    Is he doing it because he stands to benefit from it? You bet he is.

    This man has absolutely zero sense of decency. Zero. This isn’t about Tory v Labour…’s beyond that. It’s about doing the right thing, and Mr Fabricant has chosen to not do the right thing here.

    His support of Boris makes him an accessory. He needs to go.

  10. Mr Fabricant’s support of the prime minister will lead to less support by his constituents for Mr Fabricant, or any future Conservative candidate.

    There are times when you have to relinquish support for someone.

  11. When I think of all the hours lost of my elderly mums company in order to follow the rules.
    She died last June.
    That’s saying nothing of not seeing my own children and Grandchildren.
    Boris and Michael. What a disgusting pair.

  12. You are backing a loser Michael. How come this incident has been “knocking around! since May 2020? Boris has no future in politics neither do you!!

  13. My mother died alone and we watched the funeral onZoom – they have an illegal party and Boris smirks when asked about it

    Who do you represent when you defend this Michael? DEFINITELY NOT ME

  14. You haven’t got a clue, most of the Tory voters and everyone else here think Johnson is a liar and an idiot. Time to go. Lots of people are questioning their loyalty to the Tory party and quite honestly you’re part of the problem.
    You’re backing a lame horse, you do next to nothing to help us in this area and really, you need to walk away and go and get a career on gb news.
    Hardly any of us wants you anymore. Some never wanted you in the first place.

  15. “England is likely soon to leave Covid behind”.

    As scientists have pointed out, nobody is safe from Covid until we are all safe. You could vaccinate everyone in the UK every few months for ever and a day, but, while Covid still runs amok in other parts of the world where citizens have not had access to the vaccines, new variants will still present a risk.

    Besides, Mr Fabricant, why just England? Don’t Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland factor in ‘Global’ Britain? Don’t you care about Covid in those countries?

  16. Tweet from Michael Fabricant this afternoon:
    “Check out those MPs calling for Boris’ resignation and how they campaigned back at the time of the EU Referendum. Quite some correlation.
    There’s Long Covid but it seems some also have Long Brexit.”

    This is the level of our MP’s response to the upset caused to grieving families by the PM’s contempt for the people of this country. He has his own agenda, and it seems to have more to do with his future ambitions at GB News than the good of his constituents.

  17. I, like many people in Lichfield, am outraged by Mr Fabricant’s continuing support for law breaking partygoers at Downing Street. His comments in the media demonstrate an arrogance and complete disregard for the sacrifice made by the NHS staff, by relatives of people who died of covid during lockdowns and vast majority of us who adhered to the rules set out by the Conservative Government. I personally cannot put up with any more of his hypocrisy. Consequently I’ve written to Michael Fabricant today suggesting that he no longer represents the views of his constituents, that he has become an embarrassment to us and should step down at the earliest opportunity.
    Constituents who equally feel let down by our MP should make their feelings known to Mr Fabricant. With any luck he may realise that we’ve found him out for the buffoon that he is and accept that his time is up!

  18. Well I don’t remember Andrew Bridgen being an ardent remainers, what does the mp think about him calling for Johnson’s resignation.

  19. I just wish that the membership of the Conservative Group in Lichfield would do the same as the Group in Sutton Coldfield and unanimously vote to show No Confidence in Boris Johnson as the Prime Minister- I would go further and ask that they also showed a vote of No Confidence in Michael Fabricant who has supported the PM ‘s flagrant disregard of the rules that the Government expected- no required the rest of us to follow, whatever the cost.
    I don’t think that there is a family in the country that doesn’t have a heartbreaking story to bear .
    I despair of Boris Johnson ever telling the truth , so why Michael Fabricate continues to support him is a slight on his character too .

  20. Is this man for real? He is looking more ridiculous by the day. There is a saying- better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

  21. “I’m no loyalist,” says Fabricant, who has rarely ever rebelled and was described by the papers as a “Tory sycophant.”

    Remember when Blackadder was looking for a candidate MP with no mind of his own? He settled on Baldrick of course, but Fabricant would have been equally suitable.

  22. @John Allen – very well put! There would be no point in asking Mr Fabricant to consider the maxim that discretion is the better part of valour. This foolish, exhibitionist man has never shown either quality.

    I hope the local Conservation Association will find a suitable candidate for 2024 and that Mr Fabricant can enjoy a quiet retirement.

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